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Mohammad Nabi Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Family, Personal Life, Net Worth

Consequently, what is Mohammad Nabi's true value? Our investigation indicates that Mohammad Nabi has an estimated net worth of $4 million. The majority of Mohammad Nabi's wealth can be attributed to his accomplishments as an Afghan cricketer.

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Mohammad Nabi Biography: Mohammad Nabi, a notable Afghan cricketer who debuted on January 1, 1985, has made a significant impact on the global cricket arena. Nabi’s remarkable versatility has established him as an emblematic figure in the ascendancy of Afghanistan within the realm of cricket.

Nabi embarked on his cricketing career in a nation where the sport was comparatively obscure. Nonetheless, his steadfast commitment and innate ability propelled him to ascend the hierarchy and emerge as a seminal figure in the realm of Afghan cricket. He is an all-arounder, proficient with the bat and the ball, and one of his greatest assets has been his adaptability to different formats of the game.

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Incalculable is Nabi’s contribution to the Afghan national team. His country has been represented in each of the three international formats: Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is), Test, and One-Day Internationals (ODIs). While performing crucial innings in difficult situations as a middle-order batsman, his off-spin deliveries have troubled some of the greatest batsmen in the world.

Nabi possesses leadership qualities that are equally remarkable as his on-field exploits. At various junctures, he has guided the Afghan national team, demonstrating his capacity to motivate and inspire his colleagues.

Mohammad Nabi Biography

Full NameMohammad Nabi Eisakhil
Nick NameMohammad Nabi
Date of Birth1 January 1985
Age38 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches (175 cm)
Weight(181 lbs) 82 kg
BirthplaceLogar, Afghanistan
ProfessionAfghan cricketer
Eye ColourDark Brown
Hair ColourDark Brown
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Social MediaInstagram

Mohammad Nabi Age

Mohammad Nabi Biography: The cricketing phenomenon, Mohammad Nabi, will turn 38 years old in 2023. On this day, he will commemorate his 38th birthday. Nabi, who was born in the picturesque province of Logar, Afghanistan, on January 1, 1985, has had an extraordinary life and cricket career. His voyage has been nothing short of motivational.

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His continued prowess and dedication to the sport of cricket prove that age is irrelevant in comparison to talent and fervor. Afghans associate Nabi’s success with his birthplace, Logar, which is deeply cherished, with his homeland experiencing a profound sense of pride.

In addition to reflecting his extraordinary career, Nabi’s age in 2023 symbolizes the resolute determination of a nation that has surmounted hardship. Iconic among aspirational cricketers, he exemplifies the limitless capacity of those who have the audacity to dream and strive ceaselessly to attain their aspirations. Nabi’s enduring experience and fervor remain invaluable contributions to the cricketing community, serving as a source of inspiration for all.

Mohammad Nabi Height

Mohammad Nabi, a highly esteemed Afghan cricketer, exhibits a discernible physique. Individualing 5 feet 8 inches (175 centimeters) in height, he sustains an approximate weight of 181 pounds (82 kilograms). His stature and physique are exceptionally compatible with his position as an all-rounder in the cricketing globe.

Nabi possesses a proportionate physique due to his height, which confers benefits in both batting and bowling. His agility and flexibility, which enable him to move quickly on the field at a height of 5 feet 8 inches, contribute to his proficiency as a dynamic fielder and bowler.

The stability and power generated by his 181-pound frame of mind during his bowling and batting performances are indispensable. This enables him to strike the ball with force and deliver potent off-spin, thereby establishing him as an effective all-rounder for the Afghan cricket team.

Mohammad Nabi Nationality

Prominent cricketer Mohammad Nabi ardently symbolizes the nation of Afghanistan. Given his status as a highly notable athlete from this South Asian country, his nationality is of considerable significance, both in terms of his individual identity and the expanding trajectory of Afghanistan’s cricketing industry.

Afghanistan, a nation renowned for its abundant cultural legacy and a turbulent past, has discovered a unifying element in the form of cricket. The nationality of Nabi serves as an emblematic representation of a nation’s fortitude and resolve in surmounting challenges and conflict. Afghans are immensely motivated and inspired by his accomplishments in international cricket, which serve to underscore their capacity to attain excellence despite obstacles.

Mohammad Nabi Career

Mohammad Nabi Biography: Mohammad Nabi, an Afghan cricket phenomenon, has accumulated an extensive body of work that has defined his extraordinary career. Let us examine his voyage on an annual basis:


  • Mohammad Nabi debuted for the national cricket team of Afghanistan.
  • His versatility swiftly established him as an indispensable member of the team.


  • Nabi was instrumental in Afghanistan’s triumphant ICC World Cricket League Championship.
  • His performances as a batsman and bowler demonstrated his considerable ability.


  • Nabi demonstrated his proficiency as a bowler by setting an Afghan record for most wickets taken in one hundred internationals.
  • His all-around consistency continued to astound the cricketing community.


  • Nabi joined the Sylhet Royals of the Bangladesh Premier League, where he utilized the Twenty20 circuit to display his prowess.


  • His exceptional abilities were duly acknowledged during his tenure as a member of the esteemed Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC).
  • Globally, Nabi’s reputation as an all-rounder continued to expand.


  • His fifty in Twenty20 Internationals was the quickest ever scored by an Afghanistan player, a feat that demonstrated his prowess at the plate.


  • The player-of-the-match distinction was bestowed upon Nabi on fourteen occasions in recognition of his consistent contributions.


  • Nabi’s participation in a domestic club competition for Pakistan Customs served as additional evidence of his adaptability.


  • Nabi has represented Afghanistan in 109 T20Is and 147 ODIs as of the beginning of this year.
  • His ODI and T20I totals are 3,153 and 1,825 runs, respectively.
  • The fact that he has taken 100 wickets in ODIs is evidence of his extraordinary bowling abilities.
  • Nabi also holds the record for the second-most maidens in an innings and the first-most runs in an innings (regardless of batting position).
  • His career exemplifies the profound influence he has had on Afghan cricket and the international esteem he has garnered.


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Mohammad Nabi Accomplishments and Honors

  • Player of the Match with a score of 58 in his ODI debut.
  • Man of the Match against Hong Kong and Zimbabwe in the 2016 ICC World Twenty20.
  • The initial Afghan athlete to be selected in the player auction for the Indian Premier League.

The captaincy’s chief highlights are:

  • Nabi assumed the leadership role of captain for the Afghanistan national cricket team during their inaugural participation in the 2014 Asian Cup.
  • Additionally, he presided over the group during their inaugural match at the 2015 World Cricket Championship.

What is Mohammad Nabi Net Worth

Consequently, what is Mohammad Nabi’s true value? Our investigation indicates that Mohammad Nabi has an estimated net worth of $4 million. The majority of Mohammad Nabi’s wealth can be attributed to his accomplishments as an Afghan cricketer.

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