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Monie Cashette

Monie Cashette Biography: Monie Cashette, who was born in Houston, Texas, on October 26, 1982, endured months of adversity prior to attaining achievement. At the tender age of 18, her mother Felicia Andrea Wardsworth passed away from scleroderma. Since then, she has expressed her support for non-profit organizations working to eradicate the disease as a result of her personal experience.

She rose to national prominence in 2016 as one of the leading actresses on the Lifetime Channel series “Little Women: Atlanta.” The series chronicles the various exploits of a group of small women who, despite having large personalities and engaging in major conflicts, are all portrayed as such. Cashette wed Morlin Ragland in 2017. The series aired four special episodes detailing the wedding and preparations, which followed the plot of “Monie gets married.”

During the fifth season of “Little Women: Atlanta,” she returned to Houston to be with Derrick “D2” Becton Jr., her 15-year-old son from a previous marriage, because she was unable to transport him to Atlanta with her after losing the custody battle. In Season 6, she ultimately rejoined the program as a member of the principal cast. Cashette also presided over The Atlanta Social Club and portrayed Monie the Ladybug on the children’s program “Nubbin & Friends,” in addition to her reality television career. Additionally, she exhibits strategic entrepreneurial prowess by having already introduced a t-shirt line, developing a shoe line called MonieRose, and establishing a production company called “Little Woman, Big Business,” all of which are imminent. She is a genuinely inspiring individual who maximizes her abilities.

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Monie Cashette Birthday

Tiffany Cashette, also referred to as Monie Cashette, was born in Houston, Texas on October 26, 1982. She is a well-known reality television personality. Despite having an uncommon form of dwarfism, Cashette has managed to persevere despite her condition. Her strategic utilization of her petite stature facilitated her participation in Lifetime’s “Little Women: Atlanta” for three seasons, followed by a sixth season. Cashette, an accomplished voice actress, has provided her services for the children’s television program “Nubbin & Friends” as Monie the Ladybug and has appeared in the 2020 drama film “Jurica Road.”

Monie Cashette Height and Net Worth


Tiffany Cashette

Birth date

October 26, 1982

Age 40
Zodiac Sign  Scorpio
Height  4′ 6″
Relationship Status  Divorced
Net Worth  $3 Million 
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Monie Cashette Biography: INCREDIBLE FACTS

She is extremely devout. She practices her faith fervently and is a devout follower of Jesus.

Among the ensemble, she is the tallest. The fact that she is significantly taller than the rest of the cast indicates whether or not she is donning footwear.

Morlin and she became acquainted online. Before becoming spouses, Cashette and her ex-husband met on the website “plentyoffish.”

She goes by the moniker Tiffany. Originally named Tiffany, she has been referred to for years as Monie.

She held the position of medical claims examiner. Prior to gaining notoriety for the reality series, she held the position of medical claims examiner.