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Zack Clayton Biography: Age, Height, Birthday, Career, Family, Personal Life, Net Worth

Carpinello enjoys dishes like cheeseburgers, fries, and pancakes.

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Zack Clayton Biography: Clayton Zack December 20, 1994, is Carpinello’s birthday. When Carpinello started posting images of himself on Instagram in February 2014, it marked the beginning of his professional career. In April of 2016, he started wrestling professionally. That’s what brought him to Jacksonville—his wrestling. He is known by his professional wrestling identity, Zack Clayton. A few years later, he entered the In Your Face Wrestling Academy after receiving instruction in Albany. Growing up, Carpinello played baseball and football, which helped him become a superb athlete.

Zack Clayton Biography:

Early Life

December 20, 1994, was Zack Clayton Carpinello’s birthday. Bethlehem, New York is the little town where he was born and reared. From Bethlehem Central High School, he graduated. Later on, he relocated to Jacksonville, North Florida, where he worked and lived.

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Carpinello fights as Zack Clayton in the professional ranks now. He trained for two years at the Albany-based In Your Face Wrestling Academy. He continued to hone his craft at Brooklyn’s Johnny Rodz’s Wrestling School. When Carpinello was little, he used to enjoy watching wrestling. When Carpinello entered college, he quit playing football and baseball because he thought he could also wrestle, and instead, he concentrated on improving his wrestling abilities. He takes it seriously and is passionate about it since he has wanted to be a wrestler since he was a young child.

Zack Clayton Shop is Carpinello’s collection of fitness gear. He enjoys working out at the gym and takes pride in his attractive figure. Carpinello was invited to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation in September 2019. Carpinello has participated in four matches and made appearances on A.E.W. Dark, a weekly YouTube program produced by the professional wrestling promotion.

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Zack Clayton Biography: Net Worth and Height


Zack Clayton Carpinello

Date of Birth December 20, 1994
Age 29
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Height 6′ 2″
Relationship Status Engaged
Net Worth $500 thousand
Social Media Instagram

The reason we adore him

He cherishes his family.

Carpinello posts family photos regularly. He calls JWoww the greatest mother ever, and he is frequently seen having a good time with his children when they are together.

He’s quite friendly.

While other celebrities lead quiet lives, he does a great job of keeping an open relationship with the public. Although he isn’t entirely transparent, he consistently comes out as a sincere and open individual.

His age is irrelevant to him.

Carpinello, who is only 26, is getting married to JWoww, who is 35, almost ten years older than he is. He doesn’t let things get to him; instead, he often expresses his love for his fiancée as being “more than everything” in sincere tributes that he posts on his Instagram page.

5 facts About Him

He committed a grave error.

He got too close to another female cast member, Angelina Pivarnick, after making an appearance on “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation” in 2019. As a result, he and his fiance started having issues.

The color of his eyes

Carpinello’s eyes are a stunning blue.

He enjoys fast food.

Carpinello enjoys dishes like cheeseburgers, fries, and pancakes.

His ideal location

France is Carpinello’s ideal vacation spot.

He enjoys reading.

When Carpinello has leisure time, he enjoys reading.

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