By |27 Oct 2022 at 12:07 AM
Jamia Millia opens registration for 3 part-time self-financed courses

Twelve Jamia Millia Islamia research scholars have been awarded the Prime Minister Research Fellowship (PMRF) under the lateral entry scheme, which is double the number awarded last year.

Jamia Millia Islamia Vice Chancellor Najma Akhtar praised the progress, saying that Jamia stands for excellence and works hard to provide its students with every possible support to reach great heights.

“This performance reflects the university’s emphasis on high-quality research, and I am especially pleased that six of the twelve students are female.” “I hope it will inspire other university students, particularly female students, to excel in science and engineering research,” she said.

Six research scholars were chosen for the PMRF last year through the lateral entry scheme of the December 2020 drive.

The PMRF, which was announced in the 2018-19 Budget, is intended to improve the quality of research in the country’s various higher educational institutions.

AMU finds place in Shanghai Rankings among 14 Indian institutions (

Nadeem Ahmad (civil engineering), Mohammad Ariz (electrical engineering), Mohammad Masood and Gulnaz Tabassum (biotechnology), Ayesha Aiman (biosciences), Sakeena Masrat, Mudasir Younis Sofi and Shah Masheerul Alam (physics), Shelly Bhardwaj and Sneha Shukla (chemistry), Abdus Samad (CIRBSc), and Nuha (MCARS). According to PMRF coordinator and Jamia Millia Islami Professor Abdul Quaiyum Ansari, these researchers will receive a fellowship of Rs 70,000 for the first two years, Rs 75,000 for the third year, and Rs 80,000 for the fourth and fifth years.

Aside from that, each fellow would receive a research grant of Rs 2 lakh per year for a total of Rs 10 lakh over a five-year period under the PMRF.