By | 16 Sep 2022 at 5:43 PM
CUET UG phase 4 deferred for 11K students to fit in choice city for exam centre | Education

CUET Result 2022: The Common University Entrance Exam (CUET) Undergraduate (UG) 2022 results were declared on Thursday night, but many students raised questions about the way the National Testing Agency (NTA) calculates their marks.

The candidates claimed that their marks were calculated on the basis of wrong answer keys. Nawaz, a candidate from Delhi, said, “There were many mistakes in the answer key, the NTA was issued earlier. Many students challenged them but the examination body released the result without updating those answers.

Students calculate their marks on the basis of answer key released earlier. However, some of them were not satisfied with the scorecard of NTA released on Friday. Arya Singh, a candidate from Uttar Pradesh who wants to study law at Banaras Hindu University (BHU), said the central testing agency lowered her scores in the name of ‘normalisation’.

She said, “I want to do BA LLB course from BHU which I would have easily scored with (505/700) marks earlier, but now that they have deducted 84 marks making my score 421, I have to what should be done?”

The scores were calculated using the equi-percentile method, according to the NTA. It is used to ratio the scores of students who have appeared for a “relatively difficult” exam.

“Why do we deserve it? If they made the paper themselves with different difficulty levels for different stages, that’s on them! They should have kept the difficulty level the same,” Arya said. There are students who were marked absent in subjects for which they had already appeared.

Harsh B.Sc candidate from Bihar said, “I appeared for all my paper in the first phase. He marked me as absent in a subject still. I requested NTA for help but my appeal was ignored.”

Similarly, Sumit Singh, a student from Haryana said, “He was given a paper from a different subject on the day of the exam. They did not attempt this in the hope that they would be given a second chance to appear for the right subject. Instead, he got his result with good marks in other subjects, but he did not try to do so,”

He said, “I was given Applied Mathematics paper instead of Core Mathematics. I didn’t try it hoping to get a try again. Despite my many appeals, he basically failed me in this subject.”