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CUET UG Phase 6 admit card released for August 30 exam, link here | Competitive Exams

CUET-UG Result Cut Off: Central Universities across the country will prepare merit list for admission on the basis of CUET-UG Score Card but this merit list will not be based on percentile or basic marks but on the basis of ‘Normalized Score’ of National Testing Agency (NTA) will be done using Some information on questions about this generalized process is available here.

Question 1: What is the generalized method?

Answer: CUET-UG 2022 was conducted in different shifts for different subjects. Since the question papers are different in different shifts, it may be difficult to create a level of uniformity in different question papers in spite of putting in a lot of effort. It is also possible that some students may have attempted one set of difficult questions while some may have tried their hands in other sets. Students who solve difficult sets of questions are likely to get less marks than the candidates who solve easy sets. Hence, there is a need to normalize the scores in different shifts.

Question 2: How was the generalized method determined?

Answer: The formula for normalization of scores using ‘equipercentile method’ has been decided by a committee of professors from Indian Statistical Institute, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and University of Delhi.

Question 3: Why percentile cannot be used in determining rank?

Answer: Entrance exams like CUET-UG have exams for a subject on different days and in multiple sessions, thus creating multiple percentiles for each group of students. Another problem with using percentiles for such exams is that some universities value skill in subjects such as sports and fine arts. But in preparing the rank, adding the dimension of skill to the base score and the percentile for the rest cannot be overemphasized.

Question 4: What is even percentile or equal percentile method?

Answer: The National Testing Agency (NTA) has used the same level or scale for all the students, irrespective of the shift they took the exam. The EquiPercentile method is used to issue scores for a large number of candidates, their different dates, shifts, and subjects selected. To prepare normalized score of students for each subject group of CUET-UG 2022 conducted in different subjects, dates and shifts. This basis will be adopted for the correct evaluation of all the candidates, irrespective of the date or shift they have appeared in the examination for that subject group.

Question 5: Why the generalized method cannot be used in all the examinations conducted by NTA?

Answer: Unlike CUET-UG, other entrance exams have a limited number of subjects. In the one-session entrance test, a common statistical methodology is used to convert the scores into a common uniform scale using the percentile process so that the performance of the students can be compared with each other.