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Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi Jayanti 2022: Every year on 2 October, the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated in the country. The entire nation celebrates Bapu’s birthday as a national festival and pays tribute to him by remembering his ideas of truth and non-violence. This day is a national holiday across the country. Like Independence Day and Republic Day, this day has been given the status of a national festival. In honor of Gandhiji’s ideas, the United Nations has declared this day as International Day of Non-Violence. Gandhi followed the path of truth and non-violence and forced the British to kneel many times. It is true that Gandhiji was active in the freedom struggle of India since 1915. And the freedom struggle was going on for many decades before that. But Gandhi’s entry gave tremendous life to the Indian independence movement.

Born on 2 October 1869 in Porbandar, Gujarat, Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent policies, moral bases, amazing leadership ability connected more people to the freedom movement. He emphasized on treating all religions as equal, respecting all languages, giving equal status to men and women and bridging the age-long gap between Dalits and non-Dalits.

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Interesting facts related to the life of Gandhiji:

1.-Poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore gave Gandhiji the title of Mahatma.

2- It is known to all that Mahatma Gandhi is addressed as the Father of the Nation, but very few people know that who gave him this title? Mahatma Gandhi was first addressed by Subhash Chandra Bose as ‘Father of the Nation’. On 4 June 1944, while broadcasting a message from Singapore Radio, Mahatma Gandhi was called ‘Father of the Nation’.

3- Gandhiji was a good student in English in school, while average in Mathematics and weak in Geography. His handwriting was very beautiful.
4- The great inventor Albert Einstein was greatly influenced by Bapu. Einstein said that people would not believe that such a person had ever come to this earth.

5- He did not like to have his photo taken at all.
6- He used to keep his false teeth tied in his dhoti. Used to apply them only while eating food.
7- He was nominated for the Nobel Prize 5 times. He was assassinated in 1948 before receiving the award.
8- About one million people were walking along in his funeral procession and more than 15 lakh people were standing in the way.

9- Mahatma Gandhi was greatly influenced by the story of Shravan Kumar and the play of Harishchandra.
10- He was so much in love with the name of Ram that even in the last moment of his death, his last word was Ram.
11- In 1930, he was awarded the Man of the Year by America’s Time Magazine.
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12- In 1934, to help the earthquake victims in Bhagalpur, he had taken an amount of five rupees each for his autograph.

13- Do you know that when India got independence on 15th August 1947, Mahatma Gandhi was not in this celebration. Then he was in Noakhali, Bengal, thousands of kilometers from Delhi, where he was fasting to stop the communal violence between Hindus and Muslims.

14- Gandhiji left Delhi only two weeks before the fixed date of independence. He spent four days in Kashmir and then left for Kolkata by train, where the year-long riots had not ended.

15- Gandhiji celebrated the day of 15 August 1947 by fasting for 24 hours. At that time the country got independence but along with it the country was also divided. For the past few months, there were continuous riots between Hindus and Muslims in the country. Gandhiji was deeply saddened by this turbulent atmosphere.

16. Great Britain, the country against which he fought for India’s independence, issued a postage stamp in his honor 21 years after his death.

17. There was a conversation between Gandhiji and the famous writer Leo Tolstoy through letters.

18. Gandhi was associated with civil rights movements of 12 countries in his life.

19. Gandhiji was a big fan of football. While living in South Africa, he founded two football clubs in Pretoria and Johannesburg.

20. Gandhiji was married at the age of just 13. In 1882, he was married to Kasturba, 14 years old.