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Happy Republic Day 2023: Gantantra diwas wishes, sms, quotes, shayari

Happy Republic Day 2023: Wishes SMS Photos Messages for Republic Day 2023: On January 26, every citizen of the country observes the national holiday Republic Day. On Republic Day, the nation’s capital, Delhi, is dressed as a bride. On the occasion of Republic Day, flags are hoisted and the national anthem is sung not only on Rajpath but also in various schools, colleges, and government offices. On this national holiday, you can send the following message to your friends and family:

Salute this tricolour, which represents your pride.
As long as there is life in the body, honour it and keep your head held high.

We are proud to be called Indian.
We achieved independence through the sacrifice of patriots.
Happy 2023 Republic Day!

I don’t want a body or money; I just want this country to be peaceful for as long as I live for this motherland.
And when I die, I want to be buried in a tricolour shroud.
Happy 2023 Republic Day!

Patriots are the country’s pride.
Only patriots respect their country, and we are the flowers of that country.
Hindustan is the name of a country.
Happy 2023 Republic Day!

No one can leave our country in such a way, and no one can break our bond in such a way. Our hearts are one, our lives are one, India is ours, and this pride is ours.
Happy 2023 Republic Day!

We the youth of India should take, The pledge that till our last breath We will fight terrorism, we will protect our Mother India with all we have, Jai hind!! Happy Republic Day

Happy 74th Republic Day 2023: 26 January Greeting, Messages, Quotes, Wishes

Happy Republic Day 2023 Shayari

  • Once again we wish you all A happiest Republic Day. Celebrate this 26 January In a grand style & don’t Forget to wish all the Indians by commenting below. Happy Republic Day 2023
  • सबके अधिकारों का रक्षक,अपना ये गणतंत्र पर्व है,लोकतंत्र ही मंत्र हमारा,हम सबको इस पर्व पर गर्व है।
  • इंडियन होने पर करीए गर्व, मिलके मनाएं लोकतंत्र का पर्व, देश के दुश्मनों को मिलके हरो, हर घर पर तिरंगा लहराओ…। भारत माता की जय ।
  • देश भक्तो के बलिदान से, स्वतंत्र हुए है हम कोई पूछे कौन हो, तो गर्व से कहेंगे, हिन्दुस्तानी है हम गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक बधाई!
  • गाँधी स्वपन अब सत्य बना देश तभी जब गणतंत्र बना, आज फिर से याद करे वो मेहनत जो की थी वीरो ने, और भारत गणतंत्र बना भारत माता की जय
  • Constitution gave us Faith, freedom , peace an pride. So let’s value the day it was created And wish happy Republic day with a smile. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat
  • संस्कार, संस्कृति और शान मिले, ऐसे हिन्दू, मुस्लिम और हिंदुस्तान मिले, रहे हम सब ऐसे मिल-झुल कर, मंदिर में अल्लाह और मस्जिद में भगवान मिले। गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक बधाई।
  • बलिदानो का सपना जब सच हुआ, देश तभी आज़ाद हुआ, आज सलाम करे उन वीरों को, जिनकी शहादत से ये भारत गणतंत्र हुआ।

Republic Day Speech in Hindi: 26 January speech in Hindi, Gantantra Diwas Nibandh

Happy Republic Day 2023: Quotes

The world is a republic of mediocrities, and always was. ~ Thomas Carlyle


Toleration and liberty are the foundations of a great republic. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright


The new republic should be based on diversity, respect and equal rights for all. ~ Evo Morales


I have a problem with people who take the Constitution loosely and the Bible literally. ~ Bill Maher


On what rests the hope of the republic? One country, one language, one flag! ~ Alexander Henry


Our constitution works. Our great republic is a government of laws, not of men. ~ Gerald R. Ford


In a republic, it should be kept in mind that the majority should not have strong power” – Marcus Tullius Cicero


The true republic: men, their rights and nothing more; women, their rights and nothing less. ~ Franklin P. Adams


The president of the Arab Republic of Egypt is the commander of the armed forces, full stop. ~ Mohammed Morsi


The power to mould the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations. ~ Joseph Pulitzer


In a republic this rule ought to be observed: that the majority should not have the predominant power. ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero


Don’t interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties. ~ Abraham Lincoln


“So long as you do not achieve social liberty, whatever freedom is provided by the law is of no avail to you” – BR Ambedkar


“A country’s greatness lies in its undying ideals of love and sacrifice that inspire the mothers of the race” – Sarojini Naidu


I have always considered it as treason against the great republic of human nature, to make any man’s virtues the means of deceiving him. ~ Samuel Johnson


Society is a republic. When an individual tries to lift themselves above others, they are dragged down by the mass, either by ridicule or slander. ~ Victor Hugo


“Conservatives understand that the power that binds our republic together is fierce independence held high on the shoulders of compassion.” – Allen West


A Republic without parties is a complete anomaly. The histories of all popular governments show absurd is the idea of their attempting to exist without parties.” – Franklin Pierce


Still Sleeping? The nation need you! You need to be Awaken! You are part of world’s biggest Democracy.. Today is the day when We got our own constitution.. Its Indian Republic Day


The safety of the republic being the supreme law, and Texas having offered us the key to the safety of our country from all foreign intrigues and diplomacy, I say accept the key… and bolt the door at once.” ~ Andrew Jackson


The roots of violence: wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without Principles. Happy Republic Day


I feel that the constitution is workable, it is flexible and it is strong enough to hold the country together both in peacetime and in wartime. Indeed, if I may say so, if things go wrong under the new Constitution, the reason will not be that we had a bad Constitution. What we will have to say is that Man was vile. ~ B. R. Ambedkar