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UPSC Achievement: It is difficult to pass the UPSC exam, so a second-place finish would be the icing on the cake. Today’s topic is UPSC 2021 topper Ankita Agarwal, who came in second place in this exam. Let’s see how Ankita prepared and what her strategy was.

Ankita’s second-place finish in the UPSC exam was not easy. He received this rank on his third UPSC attempt. Ankita grew up in Kolkata and graduated from St. Stephen’s College, University of Delhi, with a degree in Economics. Political Science and International Relations were his UPSC exam electives.

Ankita took the UPSC exam three times. These were the years 2019, 2020, and 2021. In 2019, he was ranked 236th. She wanted to be an IAS officer from the start, so she decided to take the UPSC exam in 2021. Ankita says her family has been extremely supportive of her goal of becoming an IAS officer. He never burdened him with his dreams or compelled him to work hard in school.

This is how UPSC preparation began.

Ankita Agarwal considered taking the UPSC exam in her second year of college, but she wasn’t sure, so she worked in the private sector for a year before preparing for the IAS exam. He quit his job for He finished second in his third attempt with a total of 1050 points. Let me tell you that Ankita began preparing for the UPSC in 2018.

This was Ankita’s plan.

Ankita Aggarwal, when asked about her UPSC strategy, stated that she prepared through self-study as well as coaching. He believes that both self-study and coaching are equally important during a UPSC aspirant’s preparation.

While studying for the UPSC, he not only read basic books but also kept up with current events.

He stated that he used to devote 8 to 12 hours per day to studies.

For current events, she used to read newspapers and monthly magazines.

Ankita took her notes on the computer because it is easier to keep notes digitally. She used to read from a variety of sources and translate them into her native language so that she could understand them later.

He has also completed numerous test series to supplement his preparation.

She used to give more and more hours to prepare for the exam instead of counting the number of hours.

As a result, he did not read any new books during the revision period. He considered it a waste of time to read a new book from a new source at the last minute.