By | 15 May 2023 at 3:02 PM
ICSE, ISC syllabus 2021-22: Question banks launched for 2022 exams; how to kickstart your preparations?

Class 10 of the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) was passed with glowing colours by the son of a maulvi.

Muntazim Shaikh, son of Mufti Manzur Ziyaee of Mumbai, scored 98% on this year’s ICSE 10th board exams, the results of which were recently released. The meritorious lad desires to pass the IIT-JEE examination and pursue advanced studies in science. He attended RBK School on Mira Road.

“Muntazim wants to become a scientist. His priority now is to clear the IIT-JEE exams. He has been a brilliant student since the beginning and we are grateful to Allah that he has been rewarded with such good marks, ” said Mufti Ziyaee who heads International Sufi Mission and All India Ilm-O-Hunar Foundation.

Mufti Ziyaee added that although he attended madrassas and had limited exposure to scientific education, he has ensured that his children are exposed to science and modern subjects without neglecting fundamental Islamic values. “I am an ardent supporter of scientific knowledge. Science is our lost legacy, according to Mufti Ziyaee, and we must encourage our children to excel in science classes.

Mufti are those who have studied ifta or the course on fatwas. Muftis are therefore competent to issue fatwas.

In addition to operating a madrasa, Mufti Ziyaee is on a peace mission and forging connections between communities. He endeavours for Hindu-Muslim unity by organising conferences and interfaith dialogues. In addition, he has petitioned the Supreme Court to deny approval of same-sex marriage, arguing that “it will have detrimental effects on Indian society.”

His desire for his son to become a scientist is evidence of his realisation of the significance of science in the evolution of human society. The fact that a maulvi thinks along these lines merits praise.