By | 02 Dec 2022 at 2:04 PM
Punjab to change names of government schools named after caste

According to Harjot Singh Bains, the minister of education for Punjab, all state-run schools with names based on caste or fraternity will have new names.

In a statement released here on Thursday, Bains said: “Several cases have been brought to our attention regarding the names of many government schools in the state being associated with a caste, which makes them feel uncivilised in the present era and at the same time promote caste segregation in the society.” According to him, all students in Punjab’s public schools receive an equal education based on equality, and the names of these schools cannot be linked to caste or class.

According to the education minister, casteism and other forms of discrimination should be avoided because they were taught by great prophets, saints, and gurus in Punjab.

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According to him, “In today’s era, these names have a profound impact on the impressionable minds of the students, and occasionally, many parents refrain from enrolling their children in government schools because of these names.”

The elementary education department and all district education officers have been asked to submit a report regarding the caste-based schools operating within their respective jurisdictions.

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