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Top 10 BBA colleges in Noida to get exposure for lifetime

Top 5 Institutes of Biotechnology in Hyderabad: Biotechnology is becoming increasingly popular among medical students. The course has a remarkable average cost and is readily available at any institution. The courses are open to anyone who earned a 12th-grade biology certificate. These classes may serve as concise introductions to biotechnology and its applications. These courses can assist you in obtaining the top biotechnology jobs in Hyderabad.

Biotechnology career opportunities are broad enough to support a comfortable lifestyle. Moreover, employment security is stable, particularly for those with higher titles. Thus, a dedicated and enthusiastic pupil can obtain the most from it. Before applying for biotech jobs in Hyderabad, it is essential to gain knowledge of the discipline.

Top 5 Institutes of Biotechnology in Hyderabad

LADPC was established in 1976 and has ties to Osmania University. The college is accredited with an ‘A’ grade. The college offers a Biotechnology course as part of the B.Sc. undergraduate programme. The duration of the programme is typically three years, with the first year costing 40,000.

2) The College of St. Ann for Women

Since 1983, the college has prioritised the advancement and education of women. This institute offers over thirty courses, and biotechnology is one of them. The student seeking admission must have completed the 12th grade. The fee for the first year is 17,155, which provides an excellent return on investment by securing excellent biotech positions in Hyderabad.

3) College of Hyderabad

The University of Hyderabad is among the leading institutions offering biotechnology programmes. The university has UGC and NAAC accreditation. The cost for the first year of a Bachelor of Science in biotechnology is also 13,770. Admission to UG programmes is determined by the CUET.

4) NIT Warangal

One of the NITs established in India is NIT Warangal. The institute is ranked 23rd in India and offers both UG and PG programmes. Admission to an NIT is determined by JEE exam rankings. The opening rank for Biotech is 20513 and the concluding rank is 28785, which is sufficient to obtain employment in Biotech in Hyderabad.

5) Kasturba Gandhi Degree and PG College

KGDPC was founded in 1973 in Secunderabad, Telangana, where it is located. The college is required to affiliate with Osmania University, Hyderabad. The college’s Bachelor of Science degree costs a total of 92,000. In addition to Biotechnology, the B.Sc. degree can be pursued in a variety of other fields.

Qualifications for Jobs in Biotechnology in Hyderabad

To obtain a reputable biotechnology position in Hyderabad, one must satisfy the specified requirements.

The very first step in the process is to earn at least 50 per cent of the possible points in Biology in 12th grade.

Second, candidates must earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree in the same field.

Enrolling in an internship is another requirement you must satisfy as a student. This will help you obtain the necessary practical experience.

Although it is not required, any other certification or proven experience in the field can be of great assistance and play an important role in placements.

Top Career Positions in Biotechnology

As a broad subject, biotechnology provides numerous opportunities in the medical and technical sectors.

  • Engineer in Biomedical Sciences
  • Biochemist
  • Medical Scientist
  • Clinical technician
  • Microbiologist
  • R&D Scientist
  • Biopharmaceutical Sales Agent
  • Scientist with Expertise in Process Development

How do you apply for employment in biotechnology in Hyderabad?

There are always several openings for biotechnology employment in Hyderabad. Here is a comprehensive application guide for these positions.

Complete the 12th grade with a recognised board and earn at least 50 per cent in biology.

Obtain admission to any college or university that provides an excellent education and outstanding career placements.

The course is available for Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Technology students. There are postgraduate programmes available for both programmes.

After completing the course, you have several alternatives for applying to these positions.

A candidate may apply to a variety of channels, including online platforms, offline advertisements, on-campus hiring opportunities, and others.

Submit the necessary paperwork and attend any examinations or tests that may be required.

Attend the interview and make every effort to succeed.

To get clear of the competition, however, you should enrol in some internships. Other experience or certification will distinguish your application for these biotech jobs in Hyderabad.

In addition to knowledge and practical experience in the field, you should be self-confident and work to improve your communication skills. While resumes and CVs play an important function as well.

Salary Figures

Due to the higher qualifications and educational costs, the pay for biotechnology jobs in Hyderabad is satisfactory.

According to numerous reports and surveys, the average salary for a seasoned Medical Scientist is approximately INR 65 LPA. This salary is among the highest among employees.

The salary of these professionals varies significantly based on their level of experience. Medium-level employees can earn up to INR 6.8 LPA, compared to INR 5.5 LPA for entry-level employees.

In contrast, experienced professionals in these biotechnology jobs in Hyderabad can readily earn INR 1.17 CPA.


A biotechnology position in Hyderabad is both fascinating and lucrative. Nonetheless, attaining those levels of compensation is no easy feat. A reputable institution and diligent effort can help you launch your career.

If you’re interested in landing a more technical position in the industry, you should pursue a B.Tech. If you are satisfied with general biotechnology jobs in Hyderabad, obtaining a B.Sc. will be an excellent option.