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Top 5 Institutes of Biotechnology in Kerala: Biotechnology is one of the scientific disciplines that integrates biology and technology. Students in this concentration receive extensive training in integrating biology and related disciplines with technology to create devices, pharmaceuticals, and other useful products. In addition, there is a high demand for competent biotechnologists due to the fact that modern development takes into account the impact it has on other species. Consequently, biotechnology-related employment in Kerala is currently booming.

Any science student with aspirations of becoming a biotechnologist can pursue this goal. There are numerous highly-regarded institutions in the country. In addition to educating students, these institutions also prepare them for biotech-related employment in Kerala. Below you will find all the information necessary to launch a successful biotechnology career.

Top 5 Institutes of Biotechnology in Kerala

1) The Mar Ivanios School (MIC)

The MIC, located in Thiruvananthapuram, is one of the finest private colleges in Kerala. Since 1949, the institute has provided quality education to its students. The institute is affiliated with Kerala University at present. The university offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Biotechnology for both undergraduate and graduate students. First-year tuition and fees are priced at 4,065 and 4,725 at the institution. In addition, they assist you in finding biotechnology-related employment in Kerala.

2) The University of Mahatma Gandhi (MGU)

Kerala’s MGU is a public university. Additionally, this university has affiliations with other minor colleges and institutes. MGU is one of the top 59 universities in India and comprises more than 100 institutions. The institute offers B.Sc. and M.Sc. programmes with respective tuition costs of 3,280 and 20,200.

3) University of Calicut

NAAC accredits Calicut University with a ‘A’. In contrast, this UGC-accredited university is also rated among the Top 60 universities in India. Biotechnology is also offered as a subject, and biotech jobs in Kerala are impressive. Which costs 32,555 for an undergraduate degree and 45,655 for a postgraduate degree. The fees cover the initial year of the programme.

4) The MES School

This institution in the city of Aluva was founded in 1995. They offer an assortment of courses. Currently, there are 17 undergraduate and 9 graduate programmes. Biotechnology is offered at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Which admits students based on merit or personal interview.

5) Kerala University of Agriculture

KAU is another state institution that administers written and interview exams for admission to UG courses. On the other hand, registration for PG courses is founded on the CCE exam. They offer an interdisciplinary B.Sc. and M.Sc. in biotechnology programme. This course assists students in developing the skills necessary for biotechnology positions in Kerala. Visit their website to submit an admissions application.

Biotechnology Job Qualifications in Kerala

Depending on the nature of the position, the qualifications for biotech jobs in Kerala can vary. Some lower-level designations may only require a Bachelor’s degree, but higher-level positions require at least a postgraduate degree and a record of excellence.

Nevertheless, regardless of your level of experience, there are a few items you will always need:

A degree in a pertinent field may not enable or guarantee success in an interview. However, it may provide you with a chance to represent yourself. Consequently, it is required.

In Kerala, biotechnology jobs can be obtained with the assistance of any type of experience. Internships are therefore essential for gaining industrial and practical knowledge of job responsibilities.

However, obtaining employment does not necessitate a postgraduate degree. You must have a Master’s degree, however, if you wish to begin your career with an outstanding title.

Principal Biotechnology Job Functions in Kerala

Biotechnology is one of the fields with significant employment potential in both the private and public sectors. Biotechnologists with the requisite skills and intelligence were required to conduct a variety of studies and data analyses. In addition, it is the government’s responsibility to consider the environmental impact of any new development plans. Among this government biologist’s additional duties is the creation of daily solutions for civilians.

Examples of notable biotechnology positions in Kerala include:

  • Chemical Operator
  • Biomedical Equipment Technician
  • Engineer, Biomedical
  • Scientist
  • Engineer, Process
  • Manager of Product
  • Exemplary partner
  • Biostatistician

These are some of the positions that can be obtained through biotech employment in Kerala. There are a variety of positions that may offer attractive benefits and a positive work environment.

How do I apply for Biotechnology Positions in Kerala?

Here are the simple measures necessary to obtain biotechnology employment in Kerala.

  • After obtaining a degree and internship certification, you have the option between on-campus placements and the standard recruiting process. In both instances, you should ensure that you have a certificate of an internship or other verifiable experience.
  • Perform some research on the business. Utilise the internet to gather information about the interviewers and interview. You can review some of the most common interview questions, as well as the concepts you believe they may ask.
  • Whether it is a campus interview or a general interview, you will only have one opportunity to succeed. To answer in a professional manner for biotech jobs in Kerala, one must be truthful and sincere.

Salary Statistics for Biotechnology Jobs in Kerala

There are two factors that determine the salary in any discipline or industry. The education and experience. The following table is a perfect illustration of how your experience impacts your biotechnology job prospects in Kerala.

In Kerala, biotechnologists salaries average between $275,000 and $425,000 per year.

Another observation from the table is that the value of the product decreases at the final level. Physical and mental exhaustion are the primary contributors. Between the ages of 45 and 55, the majority of workers in their late careers are employed. According to businesses, they are therefore not physically and mentally fit.


Before applying for biotech jobs or courses in Kerala, you must be aware of the aforementioned information. One thing to bear in mind is to develop strong communication and analytical abilities.

In addition, these skills will not only aid you in the interviewing process, but they may also be the most valuable to your career. Therefore, to acquire the best biotechnology positions in Kerala, you must work on yourself and be consistent in your studies and academics.