By | 24 Jan 2023 at 2:58 PM
Zomato announce 800 new openings amid ongoing layoffs in tech giants like Wipro, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Meta

Zomato has announced the opening of new positions in the midst of ongoing layoffs at major technology companies such as Wipro, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Meta, and Twitter. By November 2022, Zomato had laid off approximately 3% of its 3,800 employees. Deepinder Goyal, CEO of Zomato, spoke on Monday about the food delivery company’s 800 job openings.

In a LinkedIn post, he stated that the company is looking for five people, ranging from Chief of Staff to CEO, Generalist, Growth Manager, Product Owner, and Software Development Engineer.

He requested that people tag this post to suitable candidates and contact him via email at [email protected] for more information on the job profile. The specifications and requirements for each position have also been explained by Zomato’s founder.

Many comments have been left by users in response to this post. Some referred to it as a “marketing gimmick,” while others raised concerns about some uncertainty. A user asked Goyal about “surety against layoffs” to which he replied “There never is”.

Please be advised that Zomat will be listed on stock exchanges in 2021. Several high-profile employees have recently left the company. Gunjan Patidar, its co-founder and chief technology officer, has resigned. In addition to Rahul Ganju and Siddharth Jhawar, Mohit Gupta, another co-founder, left the company in November.

Goyal recently stated that he was aware of an alleged scam involving his delivery agents and was working to close the loopholes. Vinay Sati, an entrepreneur, claimed that while ordering on Zomato, a delivery executive asked him to pay cash on delivery. Sati was offered by the delivery man “When you order food worth Rs 700-800 via cash on delivery, you pay only Rs 200. I will notify Zomato that you have not received your order, but I will also provide you with the food you requested.”