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Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre Season 1; Streaming Release Date on Netflix

Netflix is set to release Season 1 of The Anikulapo Rise of the Spectre, prompting eager viewers to inquire about its streaming release date.

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Anikulapo: Season 1 The Netflix release date for The Anikulapo Rise of the Spectre is quickly approaching, and viewers are curious as to when they can begin streaming the television series.

The follow-up to Kunle Afolayan’s critically acclaimed film is the six-part series Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre. Here is the release date for the program on Netflix.

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When will Season 1 be available on Netflix?

The premiere season of The Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre will premiere on Netflix on March 1, 2024.

Saro and Arolake inhabit an extraordinary realm in Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre. The series’ plot revolves around Saro, who is in a race against time to alter his fate for the better. Upon returning to the Oyo Kingdom, the Oyo Kingdom bestows upon him orders that are exceedingly challenging to fulfil. Consistent with the narrative of the critically acclaimed film Anikulapo, production on the series has begun. Stream the miniseries on March 1 if you are interested in viewing it and taking in the stellar Nollywood celebrity cast.

The miniseries Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre features Sola Sobowale, Kunle Remi, Taiwo Hassan, Bimbo Ademoye, and others in various roles as pivotal figures.

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When will Season 1 of Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre be available to stream?

On March 1, 2024, Anikulapo: Rise of the Spectre will be available to stream on Netflix.

It is currently available for streaming. Upon its initial airing, the series will be accessible to existing Netflix subscribers.

Official Synopsis

In a race against time, Saro returns to Ojumo with instructions to avoid a terrible fate.

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