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National Vet Girls Rock Day 2024: History, Events and Importance

On National Vet Girls RISE Day, national organizations honor female veterans and their contributions, focusing on enhancing their lives and fostering enduring relationships.

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National Vet Girls Rock Day 2024: On February 19, people celebrate National Vet Girls RISE Day. The day gives the community and national organizations a chance to support the contributions made by women veterans who served in the US military and honors their achievements. The day offers female veterans a chance to commemorate the enduring relationships they made while serving their country. Being in the military and then returning to civilian life is no small task. Because of this, the goal of Vet Girls RISE is to better the lives of female veterans by providing support.

National Vet Girls Rock Day History

In honor of the contributions and experiences of women in the military, National Vet ROCK Day was created in 2017. Women fought in wars long before they were permitted to join the armed forces, providing care for the soldiers, cooking, and nursing them.

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President Theodore Roosevelt founded the Navy Nurse Corps in 1908, dubbed “The Sacred Twenty” for its initial group of twenty female members.

When Loretta Perfectus Walsh enlisted in the American Navy in 1917, she became the first woman to be officially enlisted. During the final two years of World War I, women were officially permitted to serve in the armed forces and in combat roles. A total of 33,000 women volunteered to fill various positions. As part of the Women Airforce Service Program, hundreds of them tested military aircraft.

Additionally, they have left a lasting impression on the history of the US military. Dr. Mary E. Walker received a medal for her surgical efforts during the Civil War after it ended.
Commander Maureen Farren oversaw the USS Mount Vernon in 1998, making her the first female captain of a combat ship. After completing Ranger school, Captain Kristen Griest became the first female Army infantry commander in 2016.

In addition to facing financial, medical, and psychological difficulties, female veterans also have a hard time reintegrating into society after serving in combat. Numerous women experience spine problems, eye and skin disorders, depression, cardiovascular risk factors, and MST (military sexual trauma).

Everyone must show support and consideration for this. To raise awareness and provide more support, support groups for female veterinarians have been formed, and National Vet Girls ROCK Day has been instituted. You can join a meet-up group to join in the celebrations that are held across the nation.

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Summary Of National Vet Girls Rock Day

Honor a female veterinarian.

Pay the vet girls you know a visit. Bring them food and celebrate them on social media to show them how much you care.

Raise consciousness

Tell people about the significance of this holiday! Inform everyone so that we can honor all female veterans.

Purchase a present

Get a gift for a vet girl you know as a way to express your gratitude. A dress, a bag, or even a box of cookies would be a thoughtful present.

5 Famous Facts About Women In The Soldiers

  • Although you might be familiar with her from the sitcom “The Golden Girls,” you might not be aware that she was a truck driver in the Marine Corps.
  • She was the first woman to hold a four-star general rank in the Army and the U.S. Armed Forces.
  • She developed the COBOL programming language and was a Rear Admiral in the United States Navy, going by the affectionate moniker “Amazing Grace.”
  • As an instructor pilot in the T-41 at the Air Force Academy, Eileen Collins Collins was considered a Top Gun.
  • During the Civil War, this amazing woman worked as a spy, a cook, and a nurse.

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National Vet Girls Rock Day : Why We Love It

We respect them.

These women, who dare to step onto the battlefield, amaze us. We respect their bravery and mental toughness.

They motivate us.

Women in the armed forces serve as a constant reminder that, given enough effort, we can achieve our goals. Despite having a difficult past, women in the military have succeeded because they never gave up. This is what drives us.

We honor the deceased

We honor the work and sacrifices made by women who have died while performing their duties.


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