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National Institute of Hydrology recruitment: Apply for 18 posts of Scientists

UPPSC Recruitment: On Friday, the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission announced the result of the General and Special Selection 2021 Review Officer (RO) / Assistant Review Officer (ARO). 350 candidates were chosen out of 354 applicants. According to Secretary Alok Kumar, two posts of ARO Accounts (reserved for SC) and two posts of RO Accounts (reserved for SC) remained vacant in the Uttar Pradesh Secretariat due to a lack of qualified candidates.

The RO/ARO 2021 main exam was held from April 24 to April 26, 2022. It had 3679 candidates in it. From the 11th to the 14th of October, a computerised Hindi typing test was held for the position of Assistant Review Officer. The examination results are posted on the Commission’s notice board and website. The Secretary has stated unequivocally that the examination results are only provisional, and that recommendation letters will be sent only after matching and verifying the original certificates, etc. of all candidates. A separate notification will be issued for verification. After the recommendation is sent, information about the candidates’ marks and post-wise/category-wise cut-off marks for the examination result will be posted on the Commission’s website. There were 5,59,155 applicants for RO/ARO 2021. The preliminary examination was attended by 2,74,702 of these candidates.

63 girls were successful.

In RO / ARO 2021, 63 girls are named among the 350 successful candidates. Avadhbhan Singh Bhadauria has been appointed to one of the Secretariat’s 76 RO positions. Gauri Rathore was ranked eighth in this category. Shailendra Kumar Srivastava leads the RO Revenue Council with 18 posts, while Pundrikash Mishra leads the RO UPPSC with 22 posts.