By | 05 Mar 2020 at 2:22 PM

Sydney University has invited applications from Indian students for the Sydney Scholars India Scholarship Program 2020. Students who wish to study undergraduate and postgraduate from Sydney University can apply for this scholarship. Its purpose is to help Indian students and strengthen the university’s relationship with India.

The selected students will get a total of 28 scholarships. Scholarships will be given in three categories and the total amount received under each will be different, which is given further.

Eligibility criteria

The details of eligibility to apply for this scholarship are as follows:

  • Be an Indian citizen and currently reside in India.
  • Do not be a permanent citizen of Australia.
  • Have applied for undergraduate and postgraduate courses but the course has not started yet.

Scholarship amount

A total of 28 scholarships will be given which will be divided into three categories. As per the details given below, all the students will get a scholarship.

  • 3 scholarships will be given in the first category. This scholarship will be given to any undergraduate students for four years. Under this, 50,000 Australian dollars will be found every year.
  • 10 scholarships will be for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in the first year. It will fetch 20,000 Australian dollars.
  • 15 scholarships will be for undergraduate and postgraduate students studying in the first year. It will fetch 10,000 Australian dollars.

How to apply

1. Click on this link (Keep in mind that the link is not activated yet. The link will be activated from April 1, only then you will be able to apply.)

2. Fill the required details, upload the documents and provide the required statements and submit the application form.

Required documents

  • Certified copies of last educational qualification
  • Updated CV
  • Proof of identity such as passport, national identity card and student visa
  • Proof of address

Critical date

Commencement date: 01 April 2020

Last Date of Application: 31 May 2020

In order to continue scholarship in the next semester, it is necessary to have a minimum average score of 65 in each semester.

The scholarship will not resume once it is closed. If this happened because of a mistake by the university, then it will be started again, otherwise not.

No amount will be paid more than the scholarship amount.