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2Twenty2 Day 2024: Date, History and Facts

In February, 2Twenty2 Tavern in Chicago offers daily specials, including $2.22 cosmo and tacos, as part of their 2Twenty2 Day celebration, showcasing their craft beers and cocktails.

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2Twenty2 Day 2024: Chicago, Illinois’s 2Twenty2 Tavern, a historic state inn, celebrates 2Twenty2 Day on February 22. Is there anything more satisfying than tacos and a $2.22 cosmo? Not at all. You can take advantage of all this and more on February 22 at the 2Twenty2 Tavern. The tavern has been providing Chicagoans with craft beers, cocktails, bar bites, and daily specials for almost ten years. The tavern’s owners devoted a whole day on February 2, 2022, to providing the greatest food and beer to patrons for a mere $2.22. Let’s move quickly because this thrilling offer is only valid until supplies run out!

2Twenty2 Day History

In Chicago, February is a rather ordinary month. The streets are empty, the spring has not arrived, and there are no joyous public holidays. Getting drinks with your loved ones at your favorite bar is a great way to brighten up the gloomy and slow month.

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Chicago is known for its skyscrapers, jazz music, and some of the best dining experiences in the country. Some of the greatest bars in the nation can be found there as well. In the city, over a thousand bars are open and thriving; 2Twenty2 Tavern is just one of them. Constructed with a focus on family values, servitude, and positive energy, this bar has become a Chicagoan institution. The proprietors chose to establish a unique occasion in 2022 and designated February 22 as 2Twenty2 Day.

The bar and its basic values of serving people are honored on this day. The official motto of the tavern, 2Twenty2, is “Beers Bourbons Bands.” It is a hip, new bar located in downtown Chicago. An electrifying atmosphere permeates the location as people wind down from their long days inside, amidst the vibrant nightlife of the city. The menu features hand-crafted cocktails, six-year-aged whisky, and the best bottled beers. The tavern welcomes people of all walks of life to spend the day playing video games and shuffleboard, as well as taking advantage of live sports shows, a special drinks menu, and the best tacos in town, on February 22 in particular.

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2Twenty2 Day activities

Visit several bars.

Take a Friday night stroll through some of your city’s greatest bars, and immerse yourself in the mindset of an ordinary Chicagoan. A brandy over here, a cosmo there. It can get very ugly very quickly to drink on an empty stomach, so make sure to order some onion rings as well.

Go to Chicago

Did all of this discussion about Chicago’s bars and nightlife cause you to experience “FOMO”? We really hope so. One of the greatest American cities for travel and tourism, Chicago is a treasure of the Midwest and a wonderful destination for vacation planning. The months of April through October are the ideal times to visit the city.

Enjoy a night of cocktails.

Spending the evening at home with loved ones, creating your signature cocktails fromscratch, and entertaining is totally acceptable. Make February 22nd a night to remember, one that will be spent laughing, crying, and drinking.

The 2TWENTY2 Tavern’s top five selling drinks are the mezcal old-fashioned

  • This 2Twenty2 classic, which combines regular union mezcal with orange, sugar, bitters, and black cherries, is not to be missed.
  • A raspberry cosmo, which is made with raspberry vodka, cranberry, triple sec, and lemon juice, is the drink that goes down the easiest.
  • Negroni A classic Chicago-style negroni is a perfect combination of Campari, Carpano Antica, and Malfy Limone gin.
  • Made with Tito’s vodka, olive juice, and dry vermouth, this cocktail is a must-try.
  • The best in the biz, with a neat lime and Templeton Rye and ginger beer on top.

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The reason we adore 2Twenty2 Day

It’s a moment of full circle.

As the name implies, 2Twenty2 Tavern has a strong connection to the date February 22 (2/22) and its sequence. Their love and dedication are elevated to a new level in the official 2022 adaptation of February 22. Whether it’s coincidence or serendipity, Chicagoans aren’t moaning.

We adore a good bargain.

Cocktails and taco plates that typically retail for much more than $10 are a great deal at $2.22. The 2Twenty2 tavern, which hopes to attract a large number of new patrons to the bar on this particular day, is doing a great job of marketing itself with this alluring offer. Everyone wins in this scenario.

It shows appreciation to devoted clients.

First dibs on fresh tacos, the beer tap, and Jell-O shots go to regulars. 2Twenty2 sincerely thanks those who have been a part of the bar since day one with this incredibly entertaining offer.


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