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Alien Abduction Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Alien Abduction Day is observed annually on March 20, and while we do not know how the date was chosen or when it was first observed, we do know that the 2008 Alien Abduction Day festival in Toronto popularized the holiday. A significant number of individuals claim to have seen and interacted with extraterrestrials, despite the fact that some people do not believe in aliens and the claim is frequently dismissed as a joke. Alien Abduction Day focuses on individuals who believe in extraterrestrial. Whether or not these allegations are true, according to UFO experts, they will have a significant impact on the claimants.

The background of Alien Abduction Day

Aliens are said to be extraterrestrial intelligent life forms. It is believed that extraterrestrials travel via enigmatic flying objects. (U.F.O.s). John Winthrop recorded in his diary on March 1, 1639, that James Everell and two others were in a boat on a river when they observed a bright light in the heavens. When the light was still, it glowed, but when it moved, it assumed the form of a pig. The men in the canoe also asserted that the light traveled back and forth between their village and another village located within two miles. Others have reported seeing the illumination in the same region. After observing the UFO for some time, the persons in the boat noticed that they were in a section of the river that they did not recall rowing to. If it had occurred in the modern era, it would have been recorded as the first alien abduction.

Even though there had been extraterrestrial speculations throughout the years, it wasn’t until the 1960s that the topic received significant attention. The abduction of Barney and Betty Hill was the first extraterrestrial abduction story to receive widespread media coverage. They alleged that aliens abducted them in rural New Hampshire between September 19 and September 20. Their story was so profound that it was adapted into a 1966 best-selling book titled “The Interrupted Journey.”

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View a film about aliens.

Since it is highly unlikely that you personally know anyone who has been abducted by aliens, you can view a film about alien abduction. That may help you comprehend the concept.

Study a book.

Some individuals believe that books are superior to movies, and you may be one of them. There are scores of books written about aliens, so you can read one to pass the time.

Give someone a gift

The best method to celebrate is by distributing gifts. A journal is an example of an appropriate gift for Alien Abduction Day.

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5 Space Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

A comprehensive NASA spacesuit costs $12,000,000.

99.86% of the solar system consists of the Sun.

According to scientists, the stars in the universe are more numerous than sand granules on Earth.

Venus’ rotation around the Sun takes 243 Earth days, so one year on Earth is less than one day on Venus.

Fine dust renders the sunset blue.


Year Date Day
2023 March 20 Monday
2024 March 20 Wednesday
2025 March 20 Thursday
2026 March 20 Friday
2027 March 20 Saturday