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Act Happy Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Annually observed on the third Monday of March, Act Happy Day will be observed on March 20 this year. Do you realize that Act Happy Day has existed for nearly twenty years? Act joyful Day was created by Dr. Dale Anderson, who believed that merely acting joyful, even when one did not feel so, could have a positive effect on one’s life. People commemorate this day by engaging in all activities that promote laughter. The activities may include viewing movies, comedy specials, or simply gathering with close friends who are always able to lighten the mood.

The background of Act Happy Day

Act Happy Day dates back to 2004, when Dr. Anderson established the day. According to Dr. Anderson’s theory, if we smile and appear happy, we will eventually become happy. He believed that people who frequently laughed were in a better mental state to interact with others at work or school. Being in a pleasant mood also helps to strengthen relationships with the spouse and other family members.

Dr. Anderson recommends beginning the day with 15 minutes of uproarious laughter. This releases endorphins in the body and improves the disposition of the individual, preparing them to face the challenges of the day. Dr. Dale devised Act Happy Day, a day dedicated to being happy and laughing regardless of the circumstances, to increase awareness of the benefits of laughter. People are encouraged to spend time with their loved ones and participate in activities that induce laughter.

Dr. Anderson is a trained and certified general surgeon at the Mayo Clinic with over 35 years of experience specializing in biomechanical medicine and patient education. He is also a member of Park Nicollet Medical Center’s department of complementary medicine. Dr. Anderson was also an adjunct clinical professor at the University of Minnesota Medical School. He is affectionately known as the ‘dramatologist,’ ‘Dr. Act Happy,’ and ‘Dr. Well-derly.’

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Make a grin!

What could be a better method to observe Act Happy Day than to simply be happy and smile? Even if you are experiencing a difficult moment. Raise your chin and visualize yourself in a state of happiness. You will eventually feel better and be able to solve your problems effectively.

Share the day on social networking sites

Inform everyone that you are celebrating this occasion. Take pictures of you and your companions celebrating Act Happy Day and share them on social media.

Engage in something amusing

Meet your companions and do something enjoyable. Watch hilarious movie scenes, stand-up comedy, or perform games that will have everyone rolling on the floor in fits of laughter. Let the laughter pandemonium commence!

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Regular laughter strengthens the immune system and reduces disease susceptibility.

Laughter can help calm the psyche and reduce stress.

Laughing for 15 minutes burns approximately 50 calories.

Mammals such as rodents and primates have been observed laughing.

Gelotology is the scientific study of humor.


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