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Armenia Independence Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Armenia

Armenian Independence Day is celebrated on September 21 each year. It is a holiday celebrating the nation’s independence. With the ratification of the Declaration of State Sovereignty, Armenia became officially independent from the USSR on this date. Armenia is a constitutional federal republic with a presidential system. Armenia, formally known as the Republic of Armenia, has 2.9 million inhabitants and borders Turkey, Georgia, Iran, and Azerbaijan. The terrain of the country is mountainous, with extensive valleys and small plains. Yerevan, the capital metropolis, is located at the foothills of Mount Ararat.

The background of Armenia Independence Day

This day is significant in Armenian culture because it signifies the conclusion of years of struggle for a sovereign nation. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, many people in the country feared they would lose their freedom and be re-subjected to Russian rule.

In the late 1980s, Armenian opposition to Soviet rule intensified. On August 23, 1990, the Supreme Council of Armenia issued a decree requiring the Soviet Armenian SSR to withdraw and liberate the Republic of Armenia. Armenia’s refusal to sign the New Union Treaty, which it believed would make it a part of Russia, led to an unsuccessful coup attempt on August 19, 1991. In response, a referendum was conducted on September 21, 1991, with over 90 percent voting in favor of independence.

Levon Ter-Petrosyan was elected Armenia’s first president in November 1991. In December 1991, a few months later, Armenia entered the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union on December 26, 1991, Armenia attained independence. It is the second independence declaration in modern Armenian history. The first occurred on May 28, 1918, with the establishment of the First Republic of Armenia. In late 1920, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic and Turkish Nationalist forces partitioned this nation-state.

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5 fascinating facts about Armenia

All students in Armenia are required to study chess and pass a test on the subject.

Thanks to Saint Gregory Illuminator, Armenia has been Christian since 301 A.D.

About 97% of Armenia’s population is Armenian, with the remaining 3% comprised of Yazidis, Russians, Ukrainians, and Kurds.

Mount Ararat’s fertile valleys have allowed for the production of wine for centuries.

These ‘tonir’ — underground earthen ovens — are where ‘lavash’ flatbread is baked.


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