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Malta Independence Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Malta

Every year on September 21, the nation of Malta commemorates its independence day. On this day in 1964, the country was liberated from British rule. Malta, an archipelago nation in the European Union, was ruled by a number of foreign powers prior to gaining independence from the British. The British presence, which began in 1813, was the longest ever encountered by the Maltese. In 1974, following its independence in 1964, Malta became a republic. In 2004, Malta joined the European Union, and since its independence in 1964, it has been a member of the United Nations.

The background of Malta Independence Day

Malta has been inhabited for a very long time. According to historical records, human settlements first appeared in Malta in 5900 B.C. Due to its location in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the nation has enjoyed a strategic advantage in trade and commerce, which has also made it a prized treasure for foreign conquerors. From ancient civilizations such as the Phoenicians and Carthaginians to modern conquerors such as the French and British, nearly every ruling foreign power has wished for Malta to construct naval facilities and strengthen its trade routes. All of these foreign powers have influenced Malta’s culture in some manner, and the country is now a melting pot of its historical influences.

In 1813, the British arrived on the coasts of Malta. Initially, it was a shipyard and the headquarters of the British Mediterranean Fleet. With the outbreak of the Second World War, Malta became a base for the Allies to supervise operations in North Africa and the Mediterranean. During this period, the nation acquired political traction and there was a surge in local support for establishing self-government.

In 1964, the treaty declaring Malta’s independence was signed, but Queen Elizabeth II continued to serve as the nation’s monarch. She held the position of Head of State, with a governor-general acting in her stead. Ten years later, Malta proclaimed itself a republic, with the president as the Head of State. Today, representatives in Malta are elected democratically. The Maltese parliament is patterned after the Westminster parliament.

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5 fascinating facts about Malta

It is the world’s tenth-smallest republic.

There are three times as many tourists as citizens in the country.

They are of English and Maltese descent.

The state religion is Roman Catholic Christianity.

Here, “World War Z” and “Game of Thrones” among others were filmed.


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