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Belarus Constitution Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Belarus

Belarus proclaimed its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. To implement a post-Soviet constitution, the government established a constitutional commission.

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Belarus’s Constitution Day is annually observed on March 15. Three years after declaring independence from the Soviet Union, Belarus adopted the country’s Basic Law and became a democratic nation administered by the institution of the presidency on this day. The date holds significance for Belarusians. It serves as a reminder that they chose to open a new chapter in modern history, thereby fortifying their national bonds and safeguarding their values for future generations. Even though the holiday is not widely celebrated, it is still a source of pride and patriotism for the citizens.

The background of Belarus Constitution Day

Belarus proclaimed its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. To implement a post-Soviet constitution, the government established a constitutional commission. In November 1991, the initial text was sent to the Supreme Council, which approved and published it in December 1991. Belarusians were asked for the first time to comment on the draft and offer suggestions. In 1993, the American Bar Association advised the European Law Initiative on the second iteration. In 1994, the creators submitted the third and final version to the Supreme Council.

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The separation of powers was among the most significant modifications to Belarus’s manner of government. Each government entity was considered autonomous, but they all had to work together to serve the public. A presidency and bicameral legislature were created. The introduction of Article 2, which stated that the rights and freedoms of Belarussians were guaranteed and remained the supreme value of society and the state, was another significant change. The constitution promised to adhere to the principles of the rule of law, respect for human and civil rights, and democratic procedures for forming public authorities.

The Constitution of Belarus was enacted by the Supreme Council of the Republic of Belarus on March 15, 1994. It was the first constitution of an independent Belarus and the fifth constitution of Belarus following the October Revolution of 1917. This new constitution reflected the citizens’ distinct democratic perspectives on the structure of their government and society.

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  • Belarus manufactures the world’s largest dump vehicle, the “Belaz.”
  • The green stripe on the national flag represents the approximately 40 percent of Belarus that is covered by forests, lakes, and rivers.
  • Belarus is home to hundreds of IT companies and tens of thousands of specialists, with higher programmer salaries than neighboring nations.
  • Males in Belarus must serve 18 months in the military, while university students serve 12 months.
  • Belarusians adore potatoes, and they have over 300 potato-based dishes.

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