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Belly Laugh Day 2023: Date, History, Five Laughter Facts

The 24th of January is Belly Laugh Day, and we’re here to help you celebrate in a manner that will likely induce stomach cramps. Did you realise that this holiday has been honoured for more than 15 years? Belly Laugh Day is a day to giggle, laugh, and appreciate life’s pleasures.

As Maya Angelou stated, “Imagine if we laughed more often, if we had the unbridled confidence to touch each other; it would be the start of paradise – right now.”


Throughout history, laughter has been a topic of interest for the majority of philosophers and thinkers. According to the ancient Greek author Herodotus, there are primarily three types of laughter: “those who are innocent of wrongdoing but unaware of their vulnerability,” “the insane,” and “the overconfident.”

Henri Louis Bergson, a French philosopher, published “Laughter: An Essay on the Meaning of the Comic” in the 20th century. In his study titled “The Therapeutic Value of Laughter in Medicine,” Ramon Mora Ripoll claimed that laughter has therapeutic and healing effects and could be utilised to cure a variety of medical conditions. He believed that it was a tool that should be shared and understood the significance of letting more people know about the physical benefits of laughter.

In 2005, Elaine Helle, a skilled yoga instructor, created the celebration of Belly Laugh Day. Elaine believed that we celebrate many aspects of life, such as love and gratitude, but we frequently overlook the significance of laughter. Consequently, Belly Laugh Day was established on January 24.

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Five Laughter Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  • Those who laugh more are less susceptible to being ill.
  • Laughter causes the release of endorphins, which improve your mood and make you feel happy.
  • Laughing for 10 minutes can burn up to 40 calories, according to studies.
  • Gelotology is the study of laughing and its effects on the body.
  • Ethiopian Belachew Girma holds the record for the longest laughing session, which lasted three hours and six minutes.


Year Date Day
2023 January 24 Tuesday
2024 January 24 Wednesday
2025 January 24 Friday
2026 January 24 Saturday
2027 January 24 Sunday