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Brazilian Carninval 2023: Date, Background, Facts, Activities

Brazilian Carnival is held on the Tuesday preceding Ash Wednesday; the upcoming date is February 21. Colorful costumes, samba music and dance, grand parades, and food festivals characterise the carnival. It is the perfect opportunity for overindulgence prior to the beginning of Lent. The Carnival is a celebration of various cultures, particularly Portuguese and African. Numerous tourists from all over the world are eager to experience the largest carnival in the world. The atmosphere of Brazil is filled with joy, enthusiasm, and amusement during Carnival.

The background of Brazilian Carnival

The Brazilian Carnival is an ideal fusion of diverse cultures. The word “carnival” is derived from the Latin words “carn” for “flesh” and “levare” for “put away.” In Italy, the first-ever pre-Lenten carnival was held. Carnival marks the beginning of Lent, the Christian 40-day period of abstinence. These carnivals were observed in France, Spain, and other European countries. It then spread to America, and from there to Brazil. The Brazilians added a parade and samba music to it, transforming it into a raucous party with numerous extravagant floats.

In 1641, Portuguese immigrants threw water at one another to celebrate Dom Joo IV’s coronation as king of Portugal. This was the first Brazilian Carnival. The influence of African culture on the Brazilian Carnival is substantial. During Portuguese rule, African slavery impacted Carnival celebrations. In fact, all of the traditional costumes worn during Carnival are based on those of African slaves.

Carnival is characterised by a unique dance and music called samba. Slaves from Angola shared their passion for samba, which eventually became an integral part of the Carnival. In the 1920s, samba schools were established in Brazil, and in 1932, the very first samba school parade was held. Now, the Sambadrome is the centrepiece of the Carnival, where thirteen of the best samba schools perform. This expansive avenue can accommodate nearly 90,000 people. The Brazilian Carnival features jaw-dropping performances and is the largest carnival in the world.

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Observe the school samba performances.

Observe the samba schools’ performances, the main and most distinctive attraction of the Brazilian Carnival. The dances occur in four distinct groups. The “Comisso de frente” is the front commission, which establishes the style and atmosphere of the performance. The ‘abre-alas’ is the opening wing, the’mestre-sala’ is the master of ceremonies, and the ‘portabandiera’ is the flag bearer. The entire performance is absolutely incredible.

Delight in the food festival

There is nothing better than stuffing oneself with delicious food. Traditional Brazilian dishes such as feijoada, which is rice served with slow-cooked pork and beans,’moqueca baiana,’ which is a fish stew, and ‘caruru,’ which is made from shrimp and nuts, are served at the Brazilian Carnival.

Host a street celebration

Do you not wish to view the samba performance? Furthermore, there are numerous other alternatives. Gather your friends and throw a cool street party of your own. Carnival is all about wild celebrations preceding Lent’s fasting period. Be inventive in your party planning, and have fun!

Brazilian Carnival : 5 FACTS

  • Initially, the working class attended the Rio Carnival in costumes that made fun of the wealthy.
  • After World War I, carnival participants paraded along the beaches and dove into the water while wearing crepe-paper costumes, which coloured the water for several hours.
  • All samba school costumes adhere to a specific theme.
  • Because each costume is hand-made, prices range from $900 to $10,000.
  • Rio de Janeiro’s hottest months are February and March, so during carnival in the 1930s, people wore white clothing to combat the heat.


Year Date Day
2022 March 1 Tuesday
2023 February 21 Tuesday
2024 February 13 Tuesday
2025 March 4 Tuesday
2026 February 17 Tuesday