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Clinical Trials Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials Day is celebrated annually on May 20 to commemorate the date in 1747 when James Lind conducted the first randomised clinical trial. Take a moment on Clinical Trials Day to recognise the achievements of clinical research professionals in public health and medicine by acknowledging their efforts in clinical trials. It is also a day to recognise the contributions of clinical research professionals to the advancement of public health through their work. In addition, the objective is to make this a focal point for international communication activities, meetings, discussions, and celebrations of clinical research during this time period.

The background of Clinical Trials Day

This day has a lengthy and illustrious history, as it commemorates an event that occurred several centuries ago, specifically in the 1700s. In 1747, a surgeon by the name of James Lind served aboard the H.M.S. Salisbury, a ship of the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom. The ship’s crew was patrolling the English channel during a time when it was common for them to contract the dreaded scurvy and, in some cases, perish as a result.

Scurvy is a debilitating disease primarily induced by vitamin C deficiency. Those who perish as a result of gum disease typically succumb to an infection and subsequent bleeding caused by the condition.

James Lind, a pioneer in naval hygiene, believed he knew how to manage it, but lacked evidence. Therefore, he assembled a group of 12 affected males to whom he administered his test, which included citrus and non-citrus fruits. Lind assigned two males to each of six distinct daily treatments for a total of fourteen days without revealing the selection criteria. As a treatment, 1,1 litres of cider; 25 millilitres of elixir vitriol (diluted sulfuric acid); 18 millilitres of vinegar three times daily before meals; half a pint of seawater; two oranges and one lemon consumed daily for six days (or until the supply ran out); and a medicinal paste consisting of garlic, mustard seed, dried radish root, and gum myrrh were used. According to Lind’s analysis of the research, citrus fruit recipients reported the most immediate and perceptible effects. The first clinical trial ever conducted.

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5 Facts Regarding Clinical Trials

In all clinical research, there is a protocol that outlines in detail how the clinical investigation will be conducted.

Almost always, clinical trials include comparison groups, in which patients are randomly assigned to one of two or more statistically comparable groups, but each group receives a unique treatment plan.

Placebos, which are non-therapeutic substances administered to patients as a control group, are utilised in a small proportion of clinical studies on cancer.

Before you determine whether or not to participate in a clinical trial, a doctor or nurse will obtain your informed consent and provide you with a consent form if you agree to take part.

Typically, a physician serves as the trial’s principal investigator, and he or she is in command of the study.


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