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Cough Drop Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Cough Drop Day is annually observed on May 13. Since roughly 1000 B.C., cough drops have been used to relieve a sore or irritated throat with small, medicated tablets. In the 19th century, clinicians in the United States began incorporating questionable ingredients into cough drop formulas. Thankfully, this was quickly eliminated. Currently, cough drops frequently resemble candies, with a sweet flavour derived from the sweetening agents included in the majority of products. One can even access a variety of recipes with ingredients ranging from pears to cinnamon and ginger via the internet.

The background of Cough Drop Day

Cough Drop Day’s origins are mainly unknown. A cough drop is a small, medicated tablet intended to relieve a sore or irritated throat, also known as a throat lozenge. It is typically administered when a person exhibits symptoms of the common cold or influenza. The cough pills are intended to temporarily stop coughing, as well as soothe and lubricate the throat’s tissues. Cough medications are typically sweet-tasting.

Historically, the majority of cough drops were diamond-shaped, as the word ‘lozenge’ is derived from the French word ‘losange’, which means ‘rhombus.’ During Egypt’s ’20th Dynasty’ in the year 1000 B.C., it is believed that candies were first used to relieve throat irritations. Historically, these cough drops were comprised of honey and herbs, citrus, and seasonings. In the nineteenth century, physicians discovered that morphine, formaldehyde, and heroin could suppress coughing at its source, the brain.

However, these ingredients were deemed harmful due to the possibility that they could contribute to opioid dependence. In fact, lozenge manufacturers routinely indicated that their products were opioid-free. In 1892, an advertisement for Keatings Cough Lozenges stated, “They are invaluable. They contain neither opium nor illicit drugs.” William Luden made history in 1881 when he invented the first menthol cough drops. In 1879, he began manufacturing candies in the Pennsylvania kitchen of his family, located behind his father’s jewellery store. Later, he collaborated with a chemist to create an amber-colored cough drop formula.

For many years, five-cent containers of Luden’s Menthol Cough Drops containing honey, licorice, and menthol were available for purchase. Luden is one of the numerous cough drop manufacturers that began as candymakers, confectioners, or bakers. HALLS, Mentho-Lyptus, Smith Brothers’ Cough Drops, and Ricola are a few additional examples of such brands.

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5 of the Most Effective Cough Drops, According to Pharmacists


The honey lemon, cherry, and tangerine flavours of Cepacol lozenges contain cetylpyridinium chloride, benzocaine, and menthol.


First manufactured in 1893, HALLS accounts for more than fifty percent of cough drop sales worldwide.


Chloraseptic lozenges manufactured by Prestige Consume Healthcare in New York contain phenol as the active constituent.

Fisherman’s ally

Fisherman’s Friend began production in 1865 in Fleetwood, England, and annually produces more than five billion lozenges in a diversity of flavours.


Ricola, headquartered in Laufen, Switzerland, distributes its lozenges to more than 45 countries worldwide.


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