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Day of the Homeland in Germany 2023: Date, History, Facts, How to Celebrate

The annual celebration of Day of the Homeland in the Federal Republic of Germany takes place on September 10 this year. Despite the fact that Day of the Homeland is not an official public holiday in Germany, celebrations are conducted nationwide. Several activities organised by the government observe the event which respects and honours the German expellees, while celebrating human rights and freedom throughout the country.

Paul Wagner, a prominent politician, was responsible for the passage of a resolution establishing a Day of the Homeland in Goettingen 69 years ago. Despite all the atrocities committed by the Nazis during World War II, Germany has risen to become a global leader and a country renowned for its arts and commitment to equality for all its citizens.

The background of Day of the Homeland

Millions of Germans were expelled or deported as a result of both world wars. Day of the Homeland was part of a campaign to encourage and assist those who were exiled to return to their homeland, as well as to honour those who perished as a result of starvation and disease. As decent citizens, we must occasionally reflect on the values that created our great nations. Whether we are Americans or Germans, it is essential to recollect the blessings of home. This day is followed by a large number of events designed to promote democratic values and peaceful international relations. It is a lovely occurrence. Due to Paul Wagner’s endeavours, this day is officially recognised in Goettingen. This charter, which was presented at a rally at the Stuttgart Castle, was instrumental in establishing the Day of the Homeland.

The Vatican sends both Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI to Germany to extend greetings commending the expellees’ nonviolence and Germany’s commitment to international understanding. Angela Merkel was the most conspicuous speaker at the Berlin rally centred on the slogan “Home Is Human Rights.”

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Explore German history

By reading an excellent historical novel or book, you can educate yourself and your children on the events that shaped Germany. Knowledge is strength!

Attend neighbourhood events

Consider the world as a whole and act locally. Community events bring people together and facilitate the exchange of ideas and values that strengthen society.

Visit a military monument

Every citizen must revere and acknowledge the priceless sacrifices made by soldiers and martyrs in the name of liberty. Remember that it is sacred ground and observe a moment of silence if you visit a war memorial.


Each year, the Day of the Homeland has a distinct motto. Examples from the past include “Human Rights” and “Expulsions are Unlawful.”

A staggering number of ethnic Germans were expelled or forced to flee Central and Eastern Europe during World War II.

On this day, high-ranking government officials and politicians deliver speeches. All public structures fly the German flag.

Day of the Homeland is primarily a commemoration of expellees who perished, particularly during World War II.

On the Day of the Homeland, Germans and others are reminded that everyone has the right to citizenship and a residence in their ancestral country.


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