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Do Dah Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Do Dah Day is an annual pet parade, music festival, and fundraiser held in Birmingham, Alabama, United States, at various locations on May 14. The festival is typically an opportunity for people from various communities to socialise and interact with one another in a light-hearted environment while sharing their love of animals, music, and traditional Southern culture. Do Dah Day was created at a meeting of acquaintances at Dugan’s in response to a need for a Spring celebration.

The background of Do Dah Day

A group of acquaintances came up with the concept for the first Do Dah Day out of a desire to organise a Spring festival. The first Do Dah parade was held in 1979 with approximately thirty-five participants, including Ed Boutwell and John McGibboney. The proceeds of the parade were donated to the Monkey Island at the Birmingham Zoo.

John McGibboney became president of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society in 1980 and designated it as the primary recipient of Do Dah Day proceeds, along with other animal welfare organisations. In 1987, Jessica Hahn was invited to serve as the parade’s grand marshal, which garnered her significant media attention. The Do Dah Day Festival has become better organised and now operates within the law over the years. Morris Day and the Time once performed at a Do Dah Day celebration.

The one-day parade and festival have been wholly organised by volunteers up until this point. Animal rescue, welfare organisations, public figures, political candidates, and other organisations frequently use the event as a platform for outreach and information dissemination. Do Dah Day is presented by a 32-member Board of Directors led by Audrey McClinton, who succeeded Richard Thornton.

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Observe the procession

With your companion, you can celebrate Do Dah Day by attending the parade. It would be a genuinely remarkable experience.

Make a contribution to an animal welfare group

Animal welfare and companion rescue organisations, such as the Greater Birmingham Humane Society, accept donations. This provides adoption services for pets.

Post to social media as well!

Do not neglect to use the #DoDahDay hashtag when posting on social media about your Do Dah Day activities. Let’s raise awareness of this significant day!


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