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Grandpa's Day 2023 Poland: Date, History and Interesting Facts

Grandpa’s Day 2023, observed on January 22 in Poland, honours the wisest, most modest, and happiest man in our lives. Being a grandparent is enjoyable; the restrictions and strictness associated with parenting are relaxed, and after a certain age, a childlike sense of wonder sets in, which is why grandparents and grandchildren form such strong bonds. People in Poland are so appreciative of their grandfathers and grandparents because the values they instilled in them have a positive effect on their lives.


Sometimes, being a grandparent is similar to a job, except that the rewards are the bundles of joy in their lives: their grandchildren. Frequently, grandparents care for grandchildren while their parents are at work. While the majority of nations celebrate both grandfathers and grandmothers on the same day, some nations, such as Poland, have separate holidays for each. Grandparents are always there for us, whether it’s to nurture us with love and morals, to be our biggest supporters in pursuing our ambitions, or to persuade our parents to treat us gently.

According to the Center for Economic Analysis (CenEA), after the grandparents of Greece, the grandparents of Poland are the second most devoted in the European Union. They spend an average of nine hours per week with their young grandchildren, three hours more than grandparents in other countries. Grandfathers and grandmothers, or “babcia” and “Dziadek” in Polish, are renowned for lavishing their grandchildren with lavish meals and sweets.

As hearty food and sweets were likely a luxury during their youth, grandparents enjoy sneaking in a treat from time to time. It is also common for parents to send their children to their grandparents instead of to daycare or to a babysitter. This strengthens nuclear families and intergenerational bonds in Poland. In 1964, the magazine “Kobieta I ycie” introduced “Dzie Babci” or Grandmother’s Day. Soon thereafter, a day to honour grandfathers was also established.

Grandma’s Day 2023 Poland: Date, History, 5 Facts about Grandparents


About 15 percent of grandparents care for their grandchildren while their parents are at work.

The quantity of grandmothers exceeds that of grandfathers.

Grandparents all over the world share the characteristic of having many stories to tell.

There is something so nostalgic and comforting about eating at our grandparents’ house.

They have remedies and words of wisdom for nearly every problem.


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