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Herbalist Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Herbalism is the study of herbs and vegetation, typically for medicinal purposes. Throughout history, herbalists focused primarily on researching plants and selling remedies and plants with medicinal properties.

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Herbalist Day is observed annually on April 17 to recognise the contributions herbalists have made to our modern society. Herbs and plants have been used to aid humans since the beginning of time. The many benefits of plants that we have thus discovered, ranging from their medicinal uses and curative properties to their nutritional value, are largely due to the work of herbalists worldwide. On this special day, we honour the vital contributions and function of herbalists.

The background of Herbalist Day

Herbalism is the study of herbs and vegetation, typically for medicinal purposes. Throughout history, herbalists focused primarily on researching plants and selling remedies and plants with medicinal properties. Herbalists are now able to prepare medicinal plants in a variety of ways and sell them in pharmacies and online herbal stores due to the significant development of this field of study over the past few decades.

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Even though the practise extends back to the earliest humans, the profession of herbalist did not become a speciality until the Middle Ages. This occupation expanded significantly during the 12th century. During the 17th and 18th centuries, a number of European universities offered specialised courses and degrees for herbalists, in addition to a number of institutions devoted to this profession.

Herbalists are still recognised in many nations, despite the fact that there are significantly fewer university courses on the subject. In the late 20th century, the study of botanicals became more specialised and incorporated into pharmacy and medicine. Even though herbalism is now a part of multiple scientific disciplines, there are still herbalism-specific courses.

Herbalists are still prevalent in modern society, as we depend on botanicals for a variety of purposes. However, the profession differs substantially from what it was several centuries ago. In recent years, numerous initiatives and cooperative programmes have been established in various nations to revitalise herbalism.

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Thank a botanist

Herbalists are deserving of recognition for their contributions and ongoing assistance. Even though herbalists are less common than they once were, thanking them will always make them pleased.

Take part in events

During this special day, numerous professional associations, charities, and community organisations would host modest events and activities. Ensure that you participate in honouring herbalists in every community.

Read about vegetation

Herbalists can be honoured by paying tribute to their craft. Reading and learning about the properties of plants and botanicals can be a fascinating and entertaining experience.


Herbs have served multiple purposes, accompanied human existence, and have been utilised in a variety of ways throughout history, including as dried herbs added to food and medicinal preparations.

Before physicians were able to operate and perform surgery, diagnoses were crude and a physician’s role was limited to prescribing plants and herbs to make the patient feel better.

Humans have consistently revered the secret meanings of many botanicals across cultures; for example, flowers represent love and some leaves are symbols of good fortune.

Ayurveda is a form of traditional herbal medicine that has been practised in India since 4000 BCE.

The silphium plant, which was widely used in Ancient Rome for cooking, contraception, and fragrances, is now extinct, as are many other plants that existed for centuries.


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