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Humorous Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Humorous Day was inspired by National Humour Month and therefore also occurs in April, with April Fools' Day serving as the month's kickoff.

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Humorous Day is observed on April 19 and is a day dedicated to finding humour in even the most challenging of circumstances. It is a day that encourages a positive outlook on life. It serves as a reminder that we can have fun with humour and laughter, which is regarded as the finest medicine. National Today has more information about this intriguing and enjoyable holiday. The origins of this holiday are largely obscure, but Larry Wilde, director of The Carmel Institute of Humour, is credited with declaring April to be Humour Month for the first time in 1976.

The background of Humorous Day

Humorous Day was inspired by National Humour Month and therefore also occurs in April, with April Fools’ Day serving as the month’s kickoff.

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Humour has numerous benefits and is vital to our overall health. It enables individuals to breathe in more fresh air and stimulates the airways and respiratory system. When you guffaw hysterically, physical tension is released from the muscles of your body. Laughter has also been shown to enhance cardiovascular health by increasing heart rate while decreasing blood pressure. The body produces natural ‘painkillers’ when you guffaw.

Extensive mirth strengthens the immune system, making you more resistant to disease in general. By chuckling, you increase the number of antibody-producing cells and the efficiency of your T cells. Humour provides comfort and relief from physical discomfort and also aids in stress reduction. Humour, in addition to bringing people together, has been shown to enhance the quality of conversation, help people manage negative emotions such as anxiety and fear, and accept loss.

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Watch videos of amusing animals

Pets’ playful activities can be a tremendous source of amusement and can bring so much happiness to their owners. Nonetheless, they can be just as engaging when viewed via YouTube or TikTok.

Attend a comedy concert.

Everyone has heard that laughter is the best medication, and a great way to prove this is by attending a comedy show and laughing your heart out. You can go with companions and make the experience enjoyable.

Hold a group gathering.

Everyone has at least one or multiple embarrassing anecdotes that make others laugh out loud. You can tell your friends the story and have them do the same. Additionally, you can trade memes and jokes with your peers.


Gelotology is the study of mirth and humour, as well as their physiological effects.

Gelotophobia is the dread of being ridiculed.

A person who chuckles infrequently or never is an agelast.

Listening to recorded laughter may cause listeners or viewers to burst out laughing, which is why television studios use laugh tracks to elicit mirth from audiences during sitcoms.

Laughter yoga is a form of physical activity that integrates laughter, deep breathing, and joyful movement.


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