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International Birth Registration Day 2022: Date, History, importance of birth registration

International Birth Registration Day 2022:What’s in a name? For many of us, our name is simply what we’re called – a label that differentiates us from others. But for millions of people around the world, a name is much more than that. It’s a key to unlocking opportunities and accessing services. It’s proof of identity and nationality. It opens doors to education and employment. In short, a name is power.

What is the International Birth Registration Day?

International Birth Registration Day is celebrated every year on October 8th. This day was created to raise awareness about the importance of birth registration and to encourage people to register their births.

Birth registration is important because it creates legal proof of a person’s identity. This can be used to get a passport, driver’s license, or other government ID. It can also be used to prove citizenship, which is important for voting, traveling, and getting a job.

Birth registration is also important for tracking population growth and trends. This information can be used to plan for things like schools and infrastructure. It can also be used to track disease outbreaks and ensure that people have access to the health care they need.

Celebrating International Birth Registration Day is a way to raise awareness about the importance of this issue. It is also a way to encourage people to make sure that they register their births.


International Birth Registration Day 2022October 8Saturday
International Birth Registration Day 2023October 8Sunday
International Birth Registration Day 2024October 8Tuesday
International Birth Registration Day 2025October 8Wednesday
International Birth Registration Day 2026October 8Thursday

What is the importance of birth registration?

In 2019, the U.N. reported that over half the child population in Africa were undocumented, in their own countries, they had never had their births registered and as such, did not exist in the bureaucratic systems in their nations.

Birth registration is important because it creates an official record of a person’s birth. This record can be used to obtain a birth certificate, which can be used to prove a person’s identity. Birth registration can also be used to establish a person’s age, which is important for many purposes, such as getting a driver’s license or voting.

In some countries, birth registration is also required for school enrollment or for obtaining a passport. In some cases, it can even be used to determine eligibility for government benefits.

Overall, birth registration is an important way of establishing a person’s identity and age. It can also be used for many other purposes, such as school enrollment or obtaining a passport.

Who can register their births?

On International Birth Registration Day, people from all over the world can register their births. There is no age limit for registering a birth. Parents can register their child’s birth, or an adult can register their own birth.

There are many benefits to registering a birth. It helps to ensure that everyone has a legal identity and it can be used as proof of citizenship. Birth registration can also help to prevent child trafficking and other crimes.

In some countries, birth registration is mandatory. In others, it is voluntary. Either way, it is a good idea to register a birth if possible. Doing so can help to ensure that everyone has a legal identity and can enjoy the many benefits that come with it.

How to register your birth

If you were born outside of the United States, you may need to register your birth with the U.S. government in order to obtain a passport or other documents. Here are some things you need to know about how to register your birth.

First, you will need to obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate from the country where you were born. This document must be in English or be accompanied by a certified English translation.

Next, you will need to fill out an application form and submit it, along with a certified copy of your birth certificate, to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

There is a fee for registering your birth, but it may be waived if you meet certain income requirements.

Once your application is processed, you will receive a Certificate of Birth Abroad, which can be used as proof of U.S. citizenship.

Tips for a successful registration

There are a few things you can do to ensure that your child’s birth registration goes smoothly. First, make sure you have all of the required documents. This typically includes the child’s birth certificate, your ID, and proof of residency. If you’re not sure what documents you need, you can check with your local registrar’s office.

Next, fill out the registration form completely and accurately. Make sure to include all relevant information, such as the child’s name, date of birth, place of birth, and parents’ names.

Finally, submit the form and required documents in person or by mail. If you submit the form in person, you will likely need to present your ID. If you submit the form by mail, be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope so that the registrar can return your ID to you.


International Birth Registration Day is an important day to remember. It is a day to celebrate the right of every child to have a birth certificate and the opportunity to be registered at birth. It is also a day to raise awareness of the importance of birth registration and its role in ensuring that every child’s voice is heard. On this day, let us all pledge to do our part in ensuring that every child is registered at birth.