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International Choreographers Day 2024: Date, History, 5 best choreographers

International Choreographers Day, celebrated annually on January 9, honors choreographers who created beautiful dance choreographies and founded revolutionary dance companies, recognizing their contributions to dance culture worldwide.

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Every year on January 9, International Choreographers Day is celebrated worldwide. Throughout the world, choreographers are the creative geniuses behind all the beautiful dance choreographies and routines we see; they design, plan, and arrange different movements together. There have been many prominent choreographers who have founded revolutionary dance companies that are still in operation today. On International Choreographers Day, we celebrate and appreciate choreographers who paved the way for others to come after them.


Even though it is difficult to pinpoint the exact origin of dance, archaeological evidence indicates that it has existed for centuries. Before the invention of languages, we know that there was oral and performative communication. Throughout history, dance has been used for cultural, religious, and communicative purposes. Social, celebratory, and ritual dances have also played a significant role in human civilization’s development.

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Historically, dance has not left any physical evidence. Secondary sources provide information about its existence and spread. Ancient Indian and Egyptian temple carvings provide some of the earliest evidence of dance. Ancient Greeks performed ritual dances before the opening of Olympic Games (similar to present-day opening ceremonies). People also performed dance as an entertainment activity. There is even evidence of a Greek celebration that involved drinking and dancing for weeks on end.

With time, dance spread across the globe for various purposes. New dance forms and music evolved as time progressed, and it became structured. People became more knowledgeable about the rules and characteristics of different dance forms as they explored them more. The interaction between dance, music, and performance became more intertwined, and artists began showcasing their choreographic vision. The terms choreography and choreographer were introduced in the 1900s, reshaping the world of choreography. People celebrate International Choreography Day every year on January 9 to honor these artists.

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George Balanchine

As one of the most influential choreographers, he co-founded the New York City Ballet, the American School of Ballet, and did significant work on Broadway and in the film industry.

Paul Taylor

The founder and leader of the Paul Taylor Dance Company since 1954, Paul was one of the last living pioneers of American modern dance.

Alvin Ailey

In New York City, he opened the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, which paved the way for other African American dancers.

Katherine Dunham

Katherine Dunham directed the Katherine Dunham Dance Company for 30 years and developed the Dunham technique. She was an innovator in modern dance and a leader in dance anthropology.

Martha Graham

Known as the “Picasso of Dance,” Martha Graham shaped modern dance worldwide through the Graham technique.


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