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International Day for Biological Diversity 2023: Date, History, How to Celebrate

Why not commemorate International Day for Biological Diversity on May 22 if you wish to express your affection for our planet? This day is dedicated to ensuring that Earth remains a place where all creatures, regardless of the environment they require, can not only survive, but prosper. Biological Diversity Day was originally celebrated on December 29. The date was altered to May 22 by the UN General Assembly in December 2000. This was done in part to commemorate the Convention’s adoption at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, and in part to avoid conflicting with the various international holidays that occur in late December (hello, Christmas). Come commemorate biological diversity with us on May 22, regardless of whether you’re from a desert, forest, valley, or swamp. Observe this day to assist students who wish to study the environment and delve deeper into the biological diversity of our planet in acquiring scholarship funds.

The background of International Day for Biological Diversity

When there are numerous species of animals inhabiting numerous types of ecosystems, we all live in a better, more diverse world. Biological diversity ensures that a variety of crops can develop, which feeds people across the globe, and also enables natural sustainability. In addition, it becomes simpler for the planet as a whole to recover from natural disasters if numerous diverse ecosystems are allowed to flourish.

The greater the diversity of plants and animals on Earth, the simpler it is for humans to endure as a species. Rather than limiting ourselves to a few specific types of crops and livestock (which would limit the places on Earth where humans could reside), promoting biological diversity allows humanity to flourish everywhere on the planet.Despite the importance of human survival, we must also recognise that humans have the greatest impact on the planet of any species. We can either be a force for positive change — promoting growth and diversity — or a force for negative change — transforming the planet into something incapable of supporting life, like every other planet in our solar system. Since we have the most ability to alter the world, it is our responsibility to use that ability responsibly.

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Start an organic garden at home

The transformation can occur in your own property! However, not all garden types are suitable for all environments. The secret to a successful organic garden is to replace invasive plants with native ones, remove hard surfaces that inhibit growth, and avoid using pesticides. Display your indigenous ecosystem.

Purchase sustainable, organic food

Contrary to popular belief, organic food is not synonymous with “expensive and odd-looking tomatoes.” Pesticides and fertilisers are not used on organic produce. Even though these substances are not necessarily detrimental to humans, they can have negative effects on the environment.

Conserve energy

This is relatively obvious. By reducing your energy consumption, you reduce the quantity of carbon dioxide your activities release into the atmosphere. In addition, you reduce the incentive for companies to disturb the environment in their pursuit of fossil fuels. Despite the fact that individuals do not bear the same responsibility for the environment as large corporations, it is still vital that we all preserve life on this planet.


Year Date Day
2023 May 22 Monday
2024 May 22 Wednesday
2025 May 22 Thursday
2026 May 22 Friday
2027 May 22 Saturday