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International Every Girls Wins Day 2023: Date, History, Facts

Dr. Christine Kozachuk, founder and CEO of Every Girls Institute, proclaimed March 13 as International Every Girl Wins Day.

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March 13 is celebrated as International Every Female Wins Day. This holiday helps raise awareness of women’s rights worldwide, particularly among adolescent women. In every country, the celebrations include discussions, lectures, and conferences on women’s empowerment. The objective is to effect lasting systemic change that addresses the rights of women to equity. The day also encourages young women to be proud of their most essential qualities. They are encouraged to support one another and serve as ambassadors of the female empowerment movement, as opposed to merely being its beneficiaries. This day was created by the Every Female Wins Institute.

The background of International Every Girls Wins Day

Dr. Christine Kozachuk, founder and CEO of Every Girls Institute, proclaimed March 13 as International Every Girl Wins Day. Dr. Kozachuk initiated the programme to assist young women in turning their lives around and becoming productive members of society. The institute demonstrates to young women that they can surmount obstacles preventing them from leading personally and professionally fulfilling lives. The organisation provides written lessons, visual interactions, and group sessions that instruct students on how to transform their aspirations into accomplishments and develop action plans for their life goals. Every Female Wins Institute is not the first organisation to support this cause.

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The women’s rights movement began in the nineteenth century with a focus on the opportunity to vote. In July 1848, approximately 300 individuals, the majority of whom were women, gathered in New York to lay the groundwork for the women’s rights movement, including strategies to accomplish their objectives. This gathering is known as the Seneca Convention, and it resulted in the passage of a resolution on voting rights. However, this was only the beginning of decades of activism and lobbying, as even the most tolerant and supportive male congressmen were resistant to granting women the right to vote.

The National American Woman Suffrage Association was established in 1890. Between 1910 and 1914, the NAWSA made significant gains at the state level, and by 1917, a woman was elected to the United States Congress. In this year, the United States entered the First World War. Women can play an active and productive role in the modern world if given equal opportunity and freedom, as demonstrated by the Women’s Land Army. Today, hundreds of organisations, such as U.N. Women and the Global Fund for Women, are devoted to women’s rights, but there is still a long way to go.

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When paid and unpaid work are considered, women labour longer hours than men and devote at least twice as much time to domestic work.

There is no legal protection for approximately 235 million women against sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination in the workplace.

Only about 25 percent of parliamentarians worldwide are female.

More than 2.7 billion women do not have access to the same employment opportunities as males because of restrictive laws.

Less than 15% of women globally are landowners, despite the fact that the majority of women in the global south labour in agriculture.

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