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Ken Day 2023: Date, History, Activities, Facts about Ken

Kenneth "Ken" Carson is officially Barbie's beau. He is hopelessly in love with Barbie and will do anything to ensure her happiness.

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Every year on March 13, we celebrate Ken. Every true fan of Barbie Girl knows that one of the most endearing men in the world is Ken Carson, the man who occupies her every waking thought. He has been by her side since the beginning, assisting her transition from a homemaker in her 50s to the globally renowned intelligent self-sufficient businesswoman she is today. Ken Day honours Ken Carson as we pause to recognise his contribution to Barbie and her Barbie World. Let’s take a voyage on Barbie and Ken’s romantic journey.

The background of Ken Day

Kenneth “Ken” Carson is officially Barbie’s beau. He is hopelessly in love with Barbie and will do anything to ensure her happiness. Barbie can count on him during times of need and crisis. Ken is fascinated by inventions because he is a prolific inventor who is always creating new things. Ken relishes playing games with Barbie’s sisters in addition to being a friendly and engaging character.

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Ken Day commemorates the date in 1961 when Ken Carson, Barbie’s longtime on-and-off boyfriend, was introduced to the public by Mattel at a toy exhibition. Since 1961, Ken Carson and Barbie have been a couple. The relationship flourished despite unjustified criticism for his masculinity and the more probable accusation that he was more concerned with his appearance than his romantic life.

Despite a brief separation in the 1960s, the couple remained together for the remainder of their lives. When their relationship ended, Barbie shocked the world of plastic celebrities by revealing her feelings for her ex-boyfriend, an Australian surfer named Blaine Gordon. Ken, on the other hand, had not given up hope, and in 2011 he made highly publicised efforts to bring her back for their 50th wedding anniversary. And he was successful, as they remain together to this day.

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Bring out Ken and Barbie models

You can drag out your Barbie and Ken dolls and re-create their former lives. If you do not have figurines, you and your friends can still have fun by hosting a Barbie-themed party.

Visit their YouTube page

You can visit Barbie’s YouTube channel if you are feeling nostalgic but are too elderly to play with dolls. You can watch the videos of Barbie, Ken, and all of their friends’ adventures to forget the past or to spend time with your friends.

Appreciate the person of your fantasies

Ken and Barbie have been courting for over 50 years, so why not take your significant other on a date? Dress up and have a creative date. You could also view vintage Barbie animations while cuddling.


The complete name of Ken is Kenneth Sean Carson.

Tommy is the younger sibling of Ken.

On the set of their first television commercial together, Barbie and Ken met.

The doll debuted as part of a mature collection that was exclusive to the Gold Label Collection.

Ken made his début on the big screen in Toy Story 3.


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