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Launceston Cup 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

The Launceston Cup is held annually on February 23 at the Launceston racecourse in Launceston, Tasmania. During the Tasmanian summer racing carnival, this race is held in Launceston, where the locals gather for a thrilling day of horse racing. Did you know that this race has been categorised as group three for the past 35 years? The current prize money is a staggering $250,000.

The background of Launceston Cup

Horse racing is an ancient sport that draws tens of thousands of individuals from all walks of life. Exciting is the experience of watching and cheering for the athletes (both equine and human) with jockeys mounted on their racetrack. We enjoy watching the incredible athletes use their natural strength, balance, muscle, and speed to compete in the race with dexterity.

Horse racing is an internationally recognised and practised sport. Since its inception approximately 150 years ago, the Launceston Cup has been the signature race for the Australian city of Launceston, located in Tasmania. As a cultural tradition, on the third Wednesday of February, tens of thousands of locals would don their finest attire to attend the event that has become synonymous with the city since 1985.

A century ago, the sport began as a relatively local event, but as the years passed, it began to attract the attention of dignitaries from Launceston, Tasmania, and even Melbourne. The first event drew a crowd of approximately 6,000 people.

In recent years, the cup has attracted a growing number of spectators, up to 12,000 when the weather is favourable. Every February, the Tasmanian Turf Club hosts the Launceston Cup over a distance of 2,400 metres at Launceston Racecourse in Mowbray, Tasmania, Australia. It has evolved into a prestigious Group Three open handicap thoroughbred race.

Symbolically, the Launceston Cup and the prize money are awarded to the winner of the racetrack. Today, the race is celebrated annually on February 23 as a holiday. We encourage you to participate in this exciting sporting event.


Visit the racing track

Horse racing is best viewed in person. If you’re a fan of horse racing, the best way to enjoy this celebration is to visit the racetrack and witness the event as it unfolds in real time.

Chance to win

Like most other sports, horse racing is open to bookmakers and totalizers. And if gambling is not a problem for you, why not wager a few dollars on your favourite horse?

Discover how to race

This may seem out of reach for the majority of people, but… what’s the harm in trying? You may become the next prominent jockey in your country or region. If you enjoy the excitement and beauty of horse racing, why not give training and practise a try?


Horseracing can be traced back to the nomadic tribesmen of Central Asia, who were the first to domesticate horses approximately 4,500 years ago.

Australia has the highest number of racetracks compared to any other nation in the world.

Even though horseracing is popular in the majority of countries, people rarely watch the televised version at home because watching it live is more exciting.

Thoroughbred horses have resting heart rates of forty beats per minute and are extremely swift runners.

After the conclusion of the British Civil War, racing was outlawed and the majority of horses were commandeered by the state during the reign of Oliver Cromwell.


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