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Marine Mammal Rescue Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Marine Mammal

The bill designating April 27 as Marine Mammal Rescue Day was enacted by California State Senator Toni Atkins. The festivities started in 2017.

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Marine Mammal Rescue Day is annually observed on April 27. It is a holiday initiative by the Senate of the state of California. This day recognises those who have improved the lives of marine mammals, including wildlife biologists, veterinarians, and animal care experts. It is also a day to reflect on our individual contributions to climate change, which impacts the existence of marine mammals. Due to disease and famine, the spring is the prime season for animal rescue on the west coast. Rescue organisations for marine mammals take action.

The background of Marine Mammal Rescue Day

The bill designating April 27 as Marine Mammal Rescue Day was enacted by California State Senator Toni Atkins. The festivities started in 2017. The Marine Mammal Stranding Network is also acknowledged for its unwavering commitment to the rescue, rehabilitation, and return of creatures stranded off the coast of California. The Marine Mammal Rescue Day celebration may be relatively new, but the labour of marine mammal rescues dates back much further.

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The Marine Mammal Centre (T.M.M.C. ), formerly known as The California Marine Mammal Centre, was founded in 1975 as a private, non-profit organisation in the United States to rescue, rehabilitate, and release injured, ailing, or abandoned marine animals. It was created by Lloyd Smalley, Pat Arrigoni, and Paul Maxwell in Sausalito, California. Since 1975, T.M.M.C. has rescued nearly 23,000 marine mammals. In addition, it serves as a research and educational facility for marine animals such as whales, dolphins, pinnipeds (seals, walruses, and sea lions), otters, manatees, and dugongs.

Numerous aquatic species require medical care due to illness or injury. In general, polluted waters, marine debris, and illegal fishing gear harm and destroy aquatic life. The ocean has been polluted and contaminated by human actions and inactions. As a consequence of climate change, the warming of the ocean has altered the swimming patterns of fish. Typically, young marine mammals are unable to travel long distances or dive deep enough to obtain enough sustenance. Illegal fishing gear, pollution, and trash are detrimental to all aquatic species. This is where aquatic mammal rescuers and specialists come in; they devote their time, energy, and resources to ensuring the protection of the marine life we should all care about.

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5 fascinating facts about marine mammals

Sea otters have dexterous palms for removing sea urchins from rocky surfaces.

Dolphins only slumber with one eye and one half of their brain closed at a time.

Sea lions are semi-aquatic organisms.

Several species of male penguins “propose” to their female with a pebble during mating season.

Elephants and manatees share more characteristics than dolphins and whales.


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