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Middle Name Pride Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

The first Friday of the first complete week in March is Middle Name Pride Day. This year’s event occurs on March 10. Typically, when a baby is delivered, the parents or grandparents give it a name. Adults take naming a child very seriously, deliberating how their choices could affect the child’s life and frequently selecting first and middle names that are meaningful both individually and in combination. Middle names originated as a way to honour elder, and frequently deceased, family members or godparents. However, some individuals are unfamiliar with their middle names. This is the ideal time to inquire about them with our parents. Learning about our fundamental identity, and sometimes the histories of our ancestors, is a valuable exercise.

The background of Middle Name Pride Day

The context of the origin of middle names is intriguing. Historians do not know the precise date they first appeared in English-speaking countries, but records suggest that the practise may have originated among the aristocratic classes. Men from aristocratic families in Ancient Rome had a personal name, a family name, and a sobriquet that was typically self-given or indicative of the individual’s demeanour or family branch. However, this custom was abandoned well before the collapse of the Roman Empire.

During the Middle Ages, Europeans of regal and noble descent used middle names in their true sense, typically having a given name, a baptismal name, and a family name. In the 16th to 18th centuries, immigrants to America brought this trend to the new world, eventually abandoning the religious precept. It was still common for those of high lineage to have multiple names in the 17th century, as exemplified by the pretender to the British throne James Francis Edward Stuart, and it continues to be the norm in modern royal families. For example, the entire name of Queen Elizabeth II of England is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

The wonderful aspect is Middle Name Pride Day could reveal a great deal more than our middle names. Different countries and cultures have different traditions when it comes to naming children, so today is also the day to learn about the traditions surrounding middle names that are new to us. In certain nations, middle names are derived from the mother’s maiden name. In others, a close relative or friend is honoured. Others choose middle names because they enjoy the tone, meaning, or significance of the name, or because they like the acronym formed by the initials.

Middle Name Pride Day focuses on being pleased of a name that is typically limited to the first letter. Organizers of the holiday recommend revealing our middle names to at least three individuals today. It was established in 1997 as part of Celebrate Your Name Week by American onomatologist Jerry Hill.

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Teach it to your offspring

If you have your own children, Middle Name Pride Day is an excellent opportunity to share meaningful anecdotes with them. Inform them of the specific reason their names were chosen, as well as the origin and significance of their middle names.

Respect your middle name

The middle name of a person is the result of devotion and affection. Today is the perfect time to embrace that affection and take pride in that name.

Celebrate with delectable confections

Celebrate with tasty delights, such as cookies bearing your middle name with pride. Also, be kind to your family and acquaintances.

5 facts about middle names that will astound you

According to studies, individuals with a middle initial are held in higher regard.

The given name of Donald Duck is Fauntleroy.

Tom Cruise’s middle name is derived from a matriarchal ancestor, while Angelina Jolie’s is derived from a patriarchal ancestor.

Nearly 4,746 Americans share the same first and last names.

Damon’s middle name is Paige.


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