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My Way Day 2024: History, Date and Facts

Wellcat Holidays in the United States celebrates My Way Day, a lighthearted occasion to encourage living life to the fullest, unabashedly, and fearlessly according to our own rules.

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My Way Day 2024: Every February 17, we celebrate My Way Day, a lighthearted occasion that exhorts us to live life to the fullest, unabashed, and fearlessly according to our own set of rules because, well, why not? You only have one life to live, so make the most of yours. Make the decisions! Though the origins of the national holiday are unknown, My Way Day is credited to actor Thomas Roy and his writer Ruth, who co-own Wellcat Herbs and Wellcat Holidays. Is it true that the two have authored over 70 unique, copyrighted holidays observed in the United States? Really amazing, isn’t that right? Jump right in!

The History Of My Way Day

In “Chase’s Calendar of Events,” the nation’s go-to calendar for special events, American voice, film, and television actor Thomas Roy and his wife Ruth proudly established at least 79 more special days, of which My Way Day is one. Actor Thomas Roy is well-known in Hollywood from movies including Night Catches Us (2010), The Answer Man (2008), and 12 Monkeys (1995).

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Founded in 1957 by brothers William D. and Harrison V. Chase, the annual journal features a wealth of information about anniversaries, holidays, special events, and both federal and state observances. The first version of the “Chase Calendar of Events” was created after many hours of event data collection; 2,000 copies of the 32-page document were released in 1958. It went for just one dollar. Chicago, Illinois-based Contemporary Books entered the picture in 1983 and assumed control of publication 1983.

After four years, the Chases stopped working on the compilation alone and turned it over to an internal team of researchers and editors. After then, the publishing saw a shift when Tribune purchased Contemporary Books in 1993. In September 2000, McGraw-Hill Companies purchased the company. From Rowman to McGraw-Hill to the Littlefield Publishing Group to the esteemed Bernan Press today.

Several humorous, lighthearted, and enjoyable holidays are listed on “Chase’s Calendar of Events,” including “National Have a Bad Day Day” (November 19), which encourages you to wish someone a “Have A Bad Day” rather than the overused traditional “Have A Good Day”; and “Satisfied Staying Single Day” (February 11), an annual empowerment event honoring the virtues of being a contented single person without the burden of a significant other or a relationship, among other things.

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My Way Day Activities

Become the master of your own life.

Take ownership of every page of your narrative. Make your own judgments; don’t let fear or the opinions of others control you. You deserve to live your life as you see fit.

Come up with your brilliant idea.

It is possible for anyone. Uncertain? Unwind; you can achieve this as long as you have an imagination. No guidelines! Holidays don’t have to be serious or frivolous; just be yourself.

See the “Chase Calendar of Events” online.

To commemorate, you may acquire a copy of the most recent “Chase Calendar of Events,” indulge your visual cravings, and enjoy a bowl of popcorn or anything else that takes your fancy.

Five really awesome facts about the Roys

  • Through his advertising agency, Willard Scott, the host of NBC-TV’s “Today Show,” gave the Roys $100 to use their Be Bald and Be Free Day in a commercial.
  • All the inspiration he needed to live up to his high IQ came from falling in love with his English instructor back in the eleventh grade.
  • Numerous prominent media outlets worldwide, including “USA Today,” “The Wall Street Journal,” “The Sydney Morning Herald,” “The Washington Post,” “BBC,” and “ABC,” have profiled them.
  • With pride, Roy joins the ranks of other well-known left-handed celebrities, including, but not limited to, Brad Pitt, Oprah, Sarah Jessica Parker, Prince William, and Barack Obama.
  • As Roy got settled into his new job, he met Ruth, a blonde, and the two were married in less than a year.

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Why We Love My Way Day

It gives us a sense of empowerment.

Having an independent existence is a positive self-image enhancer. We assume greater responsibility for our acts and inactions, feel more capable of making decisions, and learn to trust our gut feelings and judgments more.

It motivates us to strive for our objectives.

Giving people a voice in our decisions causes us to lean in their direction. Living life on your terms empowers you to take initiative and concentrate, which in turn helps you reach your objectives.

It enables us to lead happy lives.

A life filled with regrets is undoubtedly a depressing one. Even when things don’t go as planned, we can feel more confident, content, and happy when we follow our aspirations, pursue new experiences, and make our own decisions.


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