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Singles Awareness Day 2024: History, Facts and Significance

Singles Awareness Day, a departure from the customary Valentine's Day celebration, has taken the place of Lizzo's commercial glory by promoting self-love and empowerment.

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Singles Awareness Day 2024: February 15 is Singles Awareness Day, so if you’re single and hate Valentine’s Day in all of its commercial splendor, this is the ideal holiday for you. They decided to rebel and reclaim the acronym SAD (Singles Awareness Day), which single people originally observed on February 14. Rather than celebrating a self-loathing party, they opted for empowerment and self-love. Lizzo, the pop sensation, once said, “When you’re by yourself, true love finally happens.” Today, we honor Singles Awareness Day by practicing self-love!

When Is Singles Awareness Day 2024?

February 15th, the day after Valentine’s Day, is Singles Awareness Day.

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Singles Awareness Day History

Singles Awareness Day originated from feelings of loneliness, just like all great movements do. In 2001 or so, Dustin Barnes decided to organize a day when his friends could celebrate being single instead of wallowing in their sadness. Not only did these high school boys decide to boycott Valentine’s Day on February 15, but they also discovered that by doing so, they could get candy and other items with romantic themes at a significant discount. More delicious than truffles and chocolates? Naturally, chocolates and truffles are 50% off.

After graduating from high school, Dustin continued the custom at Mississippi State University, where it became more well-known. After being formally granted copyright in 2005, Singles Awareness Day kept expanding. It’s hardly surprising that this day gained so much popularity given that, according to census data, nearly half of Americans are single. College students started throwing parties, going on friend dates, and exchanging gifts with their single friends to celebrate the day.

Adults of all ages observe the day today as a reminder that love is not dependent on being in a relationship. It is possible to love your friends, family, and yourself. Love is all around you, so there’s no reason to feel alone on Valentine’s Day. The occasion keeps changing as more and more people embrace their single status and show self-love. As of right now, Instagram has over 55,000 posts using the hashtag #SinglesAwarenessDay.

In the end Dustin joined a church for singles, which is how he met his wife. You might meet your future spouse by attending Singles Awareness Day events. You never know!

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Traditions For Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day is a time to celebrate the freedom and joy of being single. Without a partner to return to, single people go out and party with friends. Give a present or even order a bouquet to the person who deserves it the most. That way, you are showing them how much you care. Green is the color of the day because it is the opposite of red, but many people just wear black to make a “anti-love” statement. There are many benefits to being single, but today is also a good opportunity to let people know you’re free, which leads to many meet-ups at parties.

Activities For Singles Awareness Day

Take care of yourself.

Is watching “The Notebook” while eating a carton of Haagen Dazs considered self-care? Is it a date night, a shopping binge, or a spa day? Do whatever self-care entails for you! You have the entire world at your disposal.

Go on a trip by yourself.

Traveling alone is a refreshing method to increase self-confidence. It is a journey of self-awareness and self-discovery. It opens doors for encounters you might have missed otherwise and gives you a whole new perspective on meeting new people. Mark a location on a map, then gather your belongings.

Purchase a present for yourself.

Receiving a gift does not require being in a romantic relationship. Purchase a useful present for yourself. Here, self-love is our motto!

5 Things You Should Know About Single People

  • Compared to couples, single people sleep far more soundly and peacefully.
  • Unlike couples, single people do not have to worry about their spending and money.
  • In general, single people find it easier to keep friendships going over time.
  • Being single offers a great deal of freedom because it’s simple to move on when you have no obligations.
  • Single people have more time to devote to their personal and professional lives.

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Reasons To Love Singles Awareness Day

You meet more people on your own

Being single usually means you meet lots of interesting people wherever you go, whether it’s because you’re more willing to put yourself out there or because people are more willing to talk to someone on their own.

It encourages self-care and love.

Whether one is single or not, self-love is essential. We love to appreciate that! Since a single person might not have a partner to show them love, they should love themselves!

You are independent.

What food are you craving tonight? Where do you want to go on vacation? Should you finally give in and buy those jeans you’ve been eyeing? You are free to pursue your happiness when you are single. There is no need to make any concessions.


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