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National Airboat Day 2024: Background, Events and Significance

Wild Florida offers an up-close encounter with the Everglades' wildlife through an airboat adventure, allowing tourists to observe the region's diverse and endangered species.

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National Airboat Day 2024: February 19 is National Airboat Day. Be sure to visit Florida’s Everglades if you want a close-up look at the wetlands’ wildlife. This day was designed to provide residents and visitors with an opportunity to learn about Florida’s wildlife, particularly the state’s ferocious but misunderstood alligators. There, you can also see other endangered species and tropical birds in the area. Thus, take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy an exhilarating airboat ride through the swamps by purchasing your tickets at Wild Florida.

National Airboat Day History

On February 19, 2021, Wild Florida Airboats established National Airboat Day to improve the eco-tour experiences of visitors. Numerous endangered animal species can be found in the hundreds of species that call the Florida Everglades home. With their sturdy airboats, Wild Florida has been offering tourists up close and personal experiences with the wild. All visitors have to do to take advantage of Wild Florida’s steep tour discounts on National Airboat Day is to remember to yell “Happy Airboats Day” when making their reservation.

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When taking a cruise through the Florida Everglades’ marshes and swamps, airboats are the best option. They have long been recognized as the ideal mode of transportation through coastal marshes and mangroves, even though they weren’t created to serve the general public or used recreationally.

In 1915, ten years after the invention of the airboat, the British Army employed one during the Mesopotamian Campaigns of World War I. Civilian airboats were first built in the 1920s, but widespread use didn’t occur until the 1930s. Simultaneously, in the early 1930s, amphibious vehicles gained popularity in the United States.

Johnny Lamb, a frog hunter in Florida, built the “Whooshmobile,” one of the first airboats ever made there. Ernst and Willard Yates, two Chokoloskee Gladesmen, constructed an airboat on their own in 1935. Regretfully, he was the first person to pass away in an airboat accident. Still, contemporary airboats are thought to be extremely safe and have grown in popularity.

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National Airboat Day Activities

Take a cruise on an airboat.

Taking an airboat ride at Wild Florida is the ideal way to celebrate this holiday. Bring your loved ones along to join you on your adventure while you’re at it.

Go to the Everglades in Florida.

Taking an airboat tour of the Everglade’s creeks and swamps can be an exciting adventure. Look out for any panthers or alligators that may be in your path!

Inform others about it

Wrap up the holiday by telling loved ones about your airboat cruise experience and even sharing your photos on social media. Maybe they will choose to come along next time!

Five fascinating facts about allegators that will astound you

  • The temperature at which gator eggs develop determines their sex; females develop at 30°C, while males develop at temperatures above 34°C.
  • Devoted mothers, female gators remain close to the nests, where their eggs are incubated for the full 65 days.
  • During the wet season, they hold onto water in their freshwater niches known as “holes,” which serve as habitats for other animals during the dry season.
  • Throughout their lives, alligators replace their lost teeth, with a single animal having the capacity to go through over 2,000 tooth cycles.
  • They can use inanimate objects, such as sticks or branches, to mimic nests to entice bird prey.

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The Reasons We Cherish National Airboat Day

It’s an exciting encounter.

It is possible to get the impression that you are in an adventure film when you are racing through the Everglades’ marshes and swamps. The opportunity to get up close and personal with the area’s amazing wildlife will always be cherished.

It lets you see threatened species of animals in safety.

The majority of the wild animals we see on these airboat rides are ones we would typically only be able to see on television or read about in books. These kinds of encounters encourage us to protect the natural resources in our area and make us proud of them.

It provides you with enjoyable memories.

A fun way to spend some quality time with family and friends is to go on an airboat cruise. Even years later, some moments will always make you smile, like taking a selfie with a small alligator perched on your shoulder or holding a tropical bird.


Year Date Day
2024 February 19 Monday
2025 February 19 Wednesday
2026 February 19 Thursday
2027 February 19 Friday
2028 February 19 Saturday

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