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National Alicia Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Alicia is a variant of the name Alice derived from the Germanic 'Adelheid', which produced the English form Adelaide. The Old High German name Adelheid denotes 'nobility' and dates back to the early Middle Ages.

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National Alicia Day is observed on April 27 to recognise all Alicias around the globe. This is the day to spend time with anyone you know with the name Alicia or to honour the renowned Alicias from Alicia Keys to Alicia Rhett. Give a tribute to any Alicia you know to express your affection. Learn more about the intriguing history of this name by reading on. Alicia is a feminine name with the meaning ‘noble natured.’ The name is pronounced ‘ah-liss-ee-ah’ or ‘ah-lee-cee-uh’ in Europe, whereas it is pronounced ‘ah-lee-sha’ in English and Spanish.

The background of National Alicia Day

Alicia is a variant of the name Alice derived from the Germanic ‘Adelheid’, which produced the English form Adelaide. The Old High German name Adelheid denotes ‘nobility’ and dates back to the early Middle Ages. The name Adelaide was derived from Adelheid. The Old French shortened the name to Alice from this.

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Old High German represents a collection of Germanic dialects and is the earliest stage of the German language. This language employed both Latin and runic scripts. German and French are both derived from the same protolanguage. Several French words originated from Old High German. Given their shared history, it is not surprising that the two nations have adopted each other’s names.

Alice was and remains a prominent name in Europe. Princess Alice, the 1843-born daughter of Queen Victoria, was responsible for its popularity in the United States during the Victorian Era. The publication of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland” in 1865, which drew people’s attention to this European classic, increased its popularity. There are numerous variations of the name today, including Alicia, Alison, and Allie. Alisa is also written as Alisa in Russia and Aliki in Greece. This name has gained popularity in the United States with a variety of pronunciations and spellings, including Alesha. This is the Latin pronunciation of the name.

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Appreciate an Alicia

Who do you know named Alicia? Let your Alicia know how much you appreciate them by honouring them on this day. Whether it’s an acquaintance or a relative, spend the day engaging in Alicia’s favourite pastime.

Respect Alicia

There are numerous Alicias who have contributed to music, art, film, and other fields. Create a social media post emphasising the accomplishments of your favourite Alicia to promote their work.

Suggest that Alicia is an excellent name!

If you know anyone who is expecting and seeking an elegant and beautiful name, propose Alicia.

There are 5 interesting facts about the name ALICIA.

In the 1960s, while working as an English professor, composing poetry, and raising children, Alicia Ostriker was among the first women to write about motherhood, a subject deemed too private at the time.

Few are aware that in addition to her role in “Gone with the Wind,” Alicia Rhett was also a sketch artist and portrait painter.

In the 1980s, the name Alicia became one of the top 50 most popular names, surpassing the traditional Alice.

Although Alicia is more prevalent as a female name, there are a few male Aleshas, such as basketball player Allisha Grey.

This name offers numerous alternative spellings, including “AlishaAlyshaAlesha” and “AlyciaAlissa.”


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