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National Devil Dog Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Although their origins cannot be confirmed, it is believed that the Marine Corps gave these delectable cream-filled treats their name. Evidently,

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National Devil Dog Day, which is celebrated annually on April 27 and honours the Drake’s Foods dessert of the same name, was influenced by a cream filling sandwiched between two layers of cake. This day also celebrates the Marines who earned the moniker “Devil Dogs.”

The background of National Devil Dog Day

Although their origins cannot be confirmed, it is believed that the Marine Corps gave these delectable cream-filled treats their name. Evidently, the Germans dubbed the U.S. Marines ‘Devil Dogs’ during the First World War due to their utter perseverance and tenacity under fire. This phrase acquired enormous popularity, appearing on a U.S. recruiting poster, in poems and songs, in films, and even as the name of a sports team. This moniker also inspired a confection, which is where our tale starts.

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Grandson Sean Alexander Sobel immensely enjoyed his grandfather Howard Leslie Sobel’s habit of storing Devil Dogs cakes in his pantry. He would eagerly anticipate discovering them in his grandfather’s pantry and removing one for each of them to share. This cherished custom inspired Sean to create National Devil Dog Day to honour his grandfather’s memory.

Drake’s, the original creator of Devil Dogs cakes, was owned by Hostess Brands, an American company that manufactures baked products. They filed for bankruptcy in 2012 and were acquired the following year by McKee Foods Corporation, a competitor in the snack food and granola industry. This company reintroduced several best-selling items, including Ring Dings, Yankee Doodles, and Devil Dogs pastries.

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Intake a Devil Dog

We know, we know, this is a bit of a no-brainer, but we believe that a person has not truly lived until he or she has sampled this sweet. Grab one from a nearby store or order one online if you can’t find them in your area.

Learn more about Devil Dogs.

We’re referring to the annals of the Marines in World War I, not the cake (though you could also do that). You can peruse titles such as “Through the Wheat: The United States Marines in World War I” and “The Devil Dogs at Belleau Wood: The United States Marines in World War I.”

Construct your own Devil Dog confection.

The Devil Dog recipe, which has been refined over the years, is featured on a number of culinary websites and blogs with numerous variations. Choose your preferred recipe and proceed to the kitchen to create your own delectable bone-shaped cake frosted with marshmallow icing.


Contrary to energy bars and the McRib, there is little to no evidence that the Devil Dogs originated in the military.

The deterioration of butter or lard in cream-filled treats led to the development of hydrogenated oil, which prolonged the shelf life of culinary items.

After 91 years, Drake’s introduced the Fudge Dipped Devil Dogs, a derivative of the original Devil Dog cakes.

In 2017, the same year that Sean Alexander Sobel established National Devil Dog Day, a novel variant of the Devil Dog cake was introduced.

The company that manufactures Devil Dogs believes that nostalgia and a desire to relive their youth are the driving forces behind the snack’s popularity, which is why it is marketed primarily to adults.


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