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National Arielle K. Sterrett Day 2023: Date, History, Facts about Non-Governmental Organisations

The national Arielle K. Sterrett Day is observed annually on September 17 to commemorate the life of a young girl who led a kind and loving life, albeit a brief one. Arielle, who passed away in October 2017, was remembered for her generosity, dexterity, and numerous contributions to various organisations and campaigns. She attended North Cobb High School in Kennesaw.

Michelle Rojas-Sterrett, the mother of Arielle, established this day as an opportunity for random acts of compassion. From volunteering for environmental campaigns to sending presents to loved ones and acquaintances. National Arielle K. Sterrett Day is an opportunity to renew the spirit of affection and fortify family bonds.

The background of National Arielle K. Sterrett Day

The word ‘kindness’ first appeared in written English around 1300 A.D., but its current meaning did not begin to emerge until the late 14th century. It has developed into a part of a person’s personality over time as a long-standing history of generosity via human cultures and the family-friendly benefits associated with the concept of hospitality.

Kindness, according to Aristotle, one of the founding authors of Western philosophy, is one of the most essential virtues. He stated that people do positive deeds out of compassion and a desire to help others, not because they believe they will receive something in return.

Recently, psychologists and researchers have begun to investigate the benefits of compassion for both individuals and society. Kindness can reduce crime rates and make people happier and healthier, according to research.

There have been numerous acts of kindness, both large and small, that have made the world a better place throughout history, even if some historians believe that the first act of kindness was the donation of food or sanctuary to a stranger in need.

This particular day of kindness, however, was established by Arielle’s mother as a day to perform a kind deed in honour of her daughter. Before her death, Arielle was a senior at North Cobb High School and was born in 1999. She was a student with Honours who was also involved in several school organisations. She participated in numerous school campaigns, from environmental organisations to the Anti-Bullying Committee. Her enthusiasm and dedication made her a role model at home and at school. This day, which is also her birthday, was selected to honour her memory forever.

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NGO’s rely significantly on donations, ranging from government grants to fundraisers and individual donors.

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