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National Backyard Day 2023: Date, History, Facts, Activities

Many decades ago, American backyards were strictly utilitarian. They were primarily utilized for horticulture, as there were few convenience stores and markets.

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On March 19, National Backyard Day, we celebrate, embrace, and appreciate our backyards. Whether located directly behind a residence or in a nearby park, backyards are places for relaxation, happiness, and independence. People utilize their backyards in a variety of creative ways, including gardening, barbecuing, scavenger searches, camping, napping, and constructing obstacle courses. These green spaces provide much-needed tranquility and inspiration in today’s hectic world. National Backyard Day honors the special backyard memories shared with friends and family throughout the year.

The background of National Backyard Day

Many decades ago, American backyards were strictly utilitarian. They were primarily utilized for horticulture, as there were few convenience stores and markets. After World War II, however, people had more disposable income and began to move to the suburbs. This resulted in a significant change in the way backyards were treated. People emphasized the aesthetic appeal of these areas by incorporating ornamental flora and garden elements.

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In addition, a surplus of materials such as aluminum and concrete made it affordable to construct terraces, pools, and outdoor furniture. The backyard evolved into a place for recreation and entertaining visitors, transforming into an extension of the living area.

The 1970 establishment of Earth Day rekindled people’s interest in household gardening. Landscapers began incorporating vegetables and fruits into formal garden designs, and “edible landscaping” grew in popularity. People regained interest in organic gardening as urban community gardens grew in prevalence and interest in organic gardening increased.

Today’s residential gardens contain edible plants and herbs, much like the dooryard gardens of early America. People also add flowers and native vegetation to these utilitarian spaces in ways that are uniquely American.

ZYRTEC®, a brand of antihistamines administered orally, has always believed in the force of the backyard. ZYRTEC® officially proclaimed March 19, 2021 as the first National Backyard Day on the anniversary of backyards becoming the nearest green space for escape.

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Sit in your backyard

Take some time to unwind and disconnect. Leave your phone inside, recline in a lawn chair, and take in the sights and noises of your backyard.

Encourage others

Invite your guests to enjoy your backyard with you. It could be as simple as catching up over a few beverages or as elaborate as a barbeque in the afternoon.

Tend to your garden

Inspect your yard to determine if there are any weeds or flora that have been neglected. On this day, giving your backyard some tender nurturing care will benefit both you and your garden.

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Certain plants/flowers, such as Hawk’s Beard at 6:30 a.m., Hawkbit at 7:00 a.m., and Ice Plant at 11:00 a.m., were discovered by the naturalist Carolus Linnaeus to bloom at specific times of the day.

Historically, the tulip flower was more valuable than gold, particularly the white variety.

According to studies, one teaspoon of soil contains more microorganisms than there are humans on earth.

Research indicates that vibrations (such as music or your voice) can affect plant growth.

Regularly scattering baking soda into the soil of your tomato plant can help reduce acidity, resulting in a sweeter tomato harvest.

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