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National Bean Day 2023: Date, History, Fun Facts about Beans

National Bean Day 2023: January 6 marks a very special day for bean lovers around the world: National Bean Day! A holiday that celebrates the humble legume, this day is the perfect time to remind ourselves of just how versatile, delicious and healthy beans are. From black beans to kidney beans, cannellini beans to pinto beans, there are so many wonderful types of beans for us to enjoy. To get into the spirit of National Bean Day, we’re taking a look at some of the best ways to enjoy your favorite variety of bean. We’ll also be exploring how these delicious legumes can help you with your health and wellness goals. So join us in celebrating National Bean Day 2021 – it’s sure to be a legume-packed good time!

What is National Bean Day?

National Bean Day is an annual event celebrated on January 6 in the United States. The holiday honors the humble bean, a staple food in many cuisines around the world.

There are many different types of beans, including black beans, kidney beans, navy beans, and pinto beans. Beans are a good source of protein, fiber, and minerals. They can be cooked in a variety of ways and used in many different dishes.

National Bean Day is a day to celebrate all the different ways that beans can be enjoyed. Whether you like them cooked in a soup or stew, baked into a casserole, or simply enjoyed as a side dish, there’s sure to be a way to enjoy beans that you’ll love. So get cooking and celebrate National Bean Day!

The History of National Bean Day

National Bean Day is celebrated on January 6 in the United States. This date was chosen because it is the day when the famous Boston baked beans were first made. The history of National Bean Day can be traced back to the early days of American cooking.

Beans were an important part of the diet of early Americans. They were a cheap and easy to grow food that could be stored for long periods of time. Beans were a staple food of the early settlers and were often eaten with cornbread.

Boston baked beans became a popular dish in the 18th century. This dish was made with navy beans, molasses, and salt pork. It was often cooked in a pot over an open fire.

National Bean Day was created to celebrate this American food tradition. Every year on this day, people across the country enjoy eating beans in all forms. Whether it’s a pot of Boston baked beans or simply a bowl of black bean soup, National Bean Day is a day to enjoy this tasty food!

How to Celebrate National Bean Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Bean Day on January 6th in the United States. Here are some ideas:

-Share recipes that feature beans as a main ingredient
-Host a bean potluck party and have guests bring their favorite dishes
-Educate others about the health benefits of beans
-Plant a bean garden
-Make homemade bean crafts
-Have a bean eating contest

No matter how you choose to celebrate, National Bean Day is a great excuse to enjoy this delicious and nutritious food!

Fun Facts about Beans

January is National Bean Day in the United States! Here are some fun facts about beans:

-There are more than 40,000 varieties of beans in the world!

-Beans are a great source of protein and fiber. They are also low in fat and calories.

-Beans can be used in a variety of dishes, from soups and salads to main courses and desserts.

-Beans have been grown for centuries and were a staple food in many cultures.

-Not sure how to cook beans? There are plenty of recipes online or you can buy them canned.

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National Bean Day is a great occasion to celebrate the delicious flavors and nutrition that beans offer. Whether you’re looking for quick meal ideas or festive recipes, celebrating this day with friends and family is a fun way to enjoy the many benefits of bean-based dishes. Don’t forget to grab your favorite type of beans from your local grocery store on January 6th, 2023 – it will be National Bean Day in the United States!


Year Date Day
2023 January 6 Friday
2024 January 6 Saturday
2025 January 6 Monday
2026 January 6 Tuesday
2027 January 6 Wednesday