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National Brendan Day 2024: History, Facts and Significance

Brendan, an Irish name, is celebrated on National Brendan Day in America, commemorating the first European to set foot on American soil.

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National Brendan Day 2024: February 2nd is National Brendan Day each year. Brendan is an Irish name that means “prince,” and men are the ones who typically use it. It was a Welsh name originally. Brendan the Voyager, whose name has been linked to America for many years—it peaked in the late 1990s—is said to have been the first European to set foot on American soil, according to Irish tradition. As could be expected, it peaked at number one on the US charts in 1941, and Irish-American lads were its main fan base. Sometimes people confuse it with the English surname Brandon.

The background of National Brendan Day

Brendan is an Irish masculine given name in the English language. It is derived from the older Old Irish name Brénainn, which is the source of the Gaelic name Breandán. The Old Welsh word “breenhin,” which means “prince” or “king,” is the source of the name. Brendanus, the name’s medieval Latin equivalent, has influenced modern English and Irish spellings. Other spellings are Brenden and Brendon. Whereas Breanndán is a variant spelling of the Irish Breandán, Brandon is most likely a variation of Brendan in some contexts.

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The Irish Breandán, which comes from the Old Irish Brénainn, is an anglicized form of Brendan. The Welsh word “breenhn,” which means “prince,” served as inspiration for this Old Irish given name. Brendanus, the medieval Latin form, is the source of both the English and modern Irish forms, “Brendanus” and Breandán. An ancient Irish source claims that the name belongs to seventeen saints. In an Irish sentence, it can take on the form of Bhreandán.

There is no etymological relationship between Brendan and Brenda. This given name for women is thought to derive from the Old Norse word “brand,” which translates to “flame sword.” The given name Brandon is masculine and is typically taken from the surname Brandon, which has two Old English origins.

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National Brendan Day Activities

Personalize jewelry

If you don’t want to make huge statements, thoughtfully handcrafted jewelry is a classy approach to commemoration. Create a one-of-a-kind bracelet for Brendan, your friend or yourself.

Acquire proficiency in multiple languages for your name.

Even if your name is English, it sounds very different when spoken in a different tongue. Attempt to learn at least five different languages for your name.

Compose a poem.

You may attempt to compose a poem using only the letters of your name. Having fun and not taking yourself too seriously are the main objectives.

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Five Fascinating Facts Regarding the Name Brendan

  • In the US, Brendan was the 717th most popular boy’s name.
  • One of the 342 newborn boys born in 2020 has the name Brendan.
  • Brendan is the 980th most common given name in the US, with an estimated population of 36,868.
  • There are 12 people called Brendan for every 100,000 Americans.
  • In 99 percent of cases, Brendan is used as a first name.

Why National Brendan Day Is Amazing

Brendan’s past is extensive.

Brendan is a name with a rich history. It all began with the Irish monastic saint around 484 A.D.

Its main goal is to make individuals feel unique.

This day is all about giving others a sense of specialness. Everyone who shares a name is acknowledged and given gifts and flowers on their name day. This tradition is bound merely by a common name, and it transcends nationality, religion, citizenship, and age.

Birthdays are more stressful than this.

It’s a great excuse to treat yourself. The pressure of growing older and needing to make plans comes with birthdays. Conversely, name days are more laid-back and offer a great chance to treat yourself without feeling guilty.


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